Tips for finding a good Home Inspector!

Are you a home buyer looking for a home inspector? Well we all know that you when your making that big house purchase you want to make sure all is well. So read these tips below on how to choose the best…

Nine tips for home buyers hiring a home inspector

A home inspection is one of the most important steps you can take to make sure you’re buying what you think you are buying, to make sure the house is safe and your investment is secure. Make sure you hire someone who can give you a realistic assessment of any issues or expenses that might come with the property.

• How many inspections have you done? (You don’t want to be first.)

• Can I get a sample report?

• Are you licensed, bonded and insured, and for what?

• What professional or business organizations do you belong to?

• What’s the price and what does that include?

• How long will it take to get the report?

• Do you recommend experts to make repairs or do that yourself?

• Can I come with and bring a friend? (Then do it.)

• Do you have any guarantee if you miss something?

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