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Here at Black and Cherry Real Estate, we love hearing about our tenants and owners getting creative with decorating their homes! In the article below is a 7 tip list that will help you Design for Las Vegas Real Estate Home with a lot of DIY tips! Lets read, learn, and decorate together!

Silly Putty and Other Secrets of Hanging Wall Art Perfectly


There’s something frustrating about hanging art on your home’s walls. You have to buy those special picture-hanging hooks, measure six ways till Sunday, punch a hole or two in a pristine wall, and then, after all that, the frame always seems to end up crooked. And no matter what political party you identify with, be it Democratic, Republican, or Pirate (yep, that’s a real thing), everyone can agree on one issue: Wall art should be perfectly straight. And it shouldn’t immediately go off-kilter when you barely brush past.

But don’t be cowed by a fear of crookedness—wall art adds visual punch to any home.We’ll clue you in to the secrets of hanging your frames as straight as an arrow—and getting them to stay that way.

Step 1: Measure for measure

First things first, if you want your art smack dab in the middle of a wall, you’ll need to measure the wall’s height and width to find the center. From there, figure out how high you want the art to hang—your eye should fall in the middle of the piece—and lightly mark where the center top of the frame lands on the wall.

Step 2: Double up on hooks

When you hang art on one measly hook, it acts like a fulcrum, on which your picture will seesaw every time a door slams. But if you double down on hooks, your art will be less likely to slip and slide. Make sure you have the right type, too.

Step 3: All about that tape

If you have a picture with two hooks on the back as opposed to a wire, “place a piece of painter’s tape on the back of the frame right under the hooks and mark a dot on the tape where the nails need to go,” says Sassano. “Then place the tape on the wall where you’d like to hang your photo. Use a level to ensure the tape is straight and hammer the nails in where the dots are marked.” Remove the tape, and you’re good to go.

Step 4: Helping hacks

Hanging art can be a two-person job—one to adjust the picture, while the other person takes forever to decide whether the angle is right. But if you prefer to work on your collection solo, check out the Hang and Level ($15). This nifty tool helps you position art with a built-in hook that allows you to mark the wall when you find your perfect placement.

You can also make a DIY approximation by driving a nail through the bottom of a paint stir stick. Simply hang your art on the nail, get it in position on the wall and tap the nail to mark the spot.

Step 5: Call in backup

Keep your pictures straight by installing self-adhesive cabinet plastic bumpers on the bottom inner corners of your frame. These will prevent slipping and general crookedness by creating traction between the frame and the wall. A-types out there can go withVelcro, though it may damage walls when removed, and those with a sense of humor can even use Silly Putty.

Step 6: Level it off

Use an actual level to get your frames perfect, or go to your smartphone’s app store and download one of the countless level apps. Stick either version on top of the frame until the bubble is perfectly centered, and voilà, you have a straight picture! Push your frame with bumpers, Velcro, or Silly Putty against the wall to keep it that way.

Step 7: Mask any mistakes

To avoid damaging drywall, Sassano recommends selecting the lightest frame possible prior to hanging. If you do mess up and need to fix a nail hole, no biggie. Check out this Dunn-Edwards Paints short hack video on how to master a quick patch.

Knowing your neighbors!

Below we have shared an article that we found that explains a couple ways to know who you are living next to! It does not hurt to know your neighbors. Here at Black and Cherry Real Estate we encourage you to get to know the people your living by in Las Vegas! Read Below:

5 Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbors in an Apartment

By Bryn Huntpalmer

When it comes to neighbors, it can be tempting to take an anti-social approach. After a long hard day at work, the last thing you probably want to do is make idle chit chat with someone you barely know, just because they happen to be walking their dog at the same time as you. Getting to know your neighbors though, especially in an apartment, can make your life a lot easier.

If your neighbors are blasting their music when you have an early morning meeting, you can politely ask them to take it down a notch. Having a good rapport with your neighbors makes all kinds of seemingly awkward conversations go much more smoothly. Also, having open communication with your neighbors can keep you safer. Neighbors that have a good relationship tend to look out for each other and notice small things like when a package is sitting on your front door step for a long time, or that you’ve left your keys in the door. Here are five fun ways to get to know your neighbors.


Utilize The Clubhouse

Apartment complexes have really stepped up their game when it comes to clubhouses. Many clubhouses now have wifi, a business center, flat screen tv’s with premium cable, as well as pool tables and space for other games like Jenga, Taboo, Scrabble, you name it. Even though you are paying for this amenity with your rent payment, these spaces tend to go under utilized.

Knock on some doors and invite your neighbors to play some pool one evening after work. If you’re feeling a little shy, hang up some flyers in common areas like the mailroom, gym, laundry room, and elevators (you may want to ask permission first) encouraging neighbors to come out for a meet and greet. Add some pizzas and drinks to the mix and I bet you’ll get a good turnout.


Never Underestimate the Power of Baked Goods

I grew up in a household where we actively avoided the neighbors. My parents had been recruited for way too many tupperware, jewelry, and “investment opportunity” gatherings when we were young, so we were well trained to avoid even making eye contact with the neighbors.

When I moved into my first place on my own, my neighbor made a few attempts at starting conversations in our shared driveway. I kindly rebuffed them all. One day though she knocked on the door with a plate of cookies. She said, “I just made some cookies from scratch and I have way too many. Do you want some?” I took one to be polite and closed the door. Then I bit into the cookie–the best cookie I have ever had in my life. I grabbed a bottle of wine, knocked on her door and said, “Can I have one more of those?” We became fast friends.



Organize a Community Rummage Sale

If you live in an apartment, chances are that you struggle with storage. Just because you may not have a garage or a driveway doesn’t mean that you can’t host a rummage sale. Work with your property manager on the details, but what better way to get to know your neighbors than by walking around in a casual environment and going through their stuff! You know you want to. I’m sure countless friendships have been formed simply by going through someone’s cd collection (that is, if you are old enough to know what a cd is!).


Celebrate a Weird Holiday

Did you know that National Corndog Day is on March 21st? If you sign up to host a National Corndog Day (NCD) party, the NCD will send you massive amount of corndogs, for free! Who doesn’t love a corndog? Put up some flyers, purchase some condiments, and you’ve got yourself a party. A word of caution though, you may meet a ton of new friends, but you will forever be known as, “that corndog guy.” Find all other sorts of strange holidays, just ripe for celebration here.



Start a Lending Library

It’s much easier to start a conversation with someone if you have something in common. Work with your property manager to set up a small lending library. Share some of your favorite books and see who else checks them out by placing old school library check out slips in the back. Read a book that you’ve never heard of before. If you love it, find out who donated it and compliment them on the great recommendation!

Old_books_on_a_wooden_shelf_No _abels_blank spine

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but don’t forget, friendly smiles and hello’s are always the simplest way to welcome conversation from a potential new friend.


5 Ways to Get to Know Your Neighbors in an Apartment

Leasing Privacy Rights!

Below is an article that shares 3 privacy rights you have when you are leasing a home. Read below and know your rights..


Apartments aren’t the most private or secluded living situation imaginable. After all, renters in multi-family properties are typically grouped together with at least a few other units on each floor. Residing in a rental can make you feel a bit bombarded at times, especially since you don’t own the place and your landlord has the right to enter under certain circumstances.

However, tenants maintain certain rights too, given the fact they’re paying dues to temporarily rent their units to call them home. If you’re renting, keep the following three privacy rights in mind to protect your freedom from disturbance during your lease.


Landlord’s have a right to enter in an emergency 

If there is an emergency in your apartment, such as a pipe burst or a flood, your landlord has the right to enter your apartment immediately and without notice. This typically holds true in all states regardless of fluctuating tenant law. Keep in mind, the emergency right to enter protects your belongings and most of all, your well being and potentially the well being of the neighbors. Therefore, any notification or request for access is not necessary when presumed danger to tenants or the property is involved.


The right to enter typically requires notice

In California, and in most states, landlords must give some sort of notice if they wish to access apartments for repairs or showings. If landlords must access your unit to perform repairs when you’re not home, you can request a different date or time that is preferable to your schedule. Nevertheless, landlords must give 24-hours notice before they wish to access your apartment.

In terms of apartment showings, landlords typically outline a time frame in which showings will begin to take place before lease end. Advertising units far before they are vacated wouldn’t be beneficial since searching tenants are looking for units within about a month and the rental market moves quickly, so property managers often outline the showing period as 30-days prior to lease end. As with repairs, showings require notice – typically 24-hours – which can be modified to fit both parties’ schedules. Hopefully, the tenant-manager relationship is positive so that the two can work together in an amicable fashion and uphold the terms of the lease without question.


Tenants do not have to waive privacy in order to sign a lease

If you are attempting to sign a lease and your future landlord wants you to waive your privacy rights, whether it be to forgo your right to timely and noninvasive repairs or ample notice of apartment showings, you should move on in your apartment search. Chances are, the landlord in question lacks moral and ethical guidelines that will transfer to other aspects of your housing situation if chosen. In time, you’ll likely regret the decision to let go of your rights, as taking your landlord to court for entering your apartment without permission is a timely and costly process.


Just because you don’t own your home doesn’t mean you don’t hold a right to privacy. Researching your state and local landlord laws is an important aspect of being an informed leaseholder. Before you sign your next apartment, read the fine print and don’t be duped by a slumlord attempting to take advantage of your privileges as a paying tenant.

3 Privacy Rights Leaseholders Should Know About

Keys to Happiness

Below is an article shared that tells one of the keys to happiness is owning a home. But it may also be where your home is located as well. Read the list below that shares the top ten small towns that might be your key to happiness…


You’d Be Happy Too If You Lived Here

What are the keys to happiness? Owning a home, having a job, enjoying a low cost of living, short commutes, a quality education, and having a family are just some of the keys, according to the career site Zippia, which recently went on the hunt to find happiness.

Read more: These Are the ‘Happiest’ States in the US

The site took these factors in account and used recent Census data when looking at thousands of small towns across the country in order to find the towns that are the happiest.

The following 10 small towns – populations between 2,000 and 10,000 — nabbed the top seats in its happy trails search:

  1. Frontenac, Mo.
  2. Oak Hill, Tenn.
  3. Glendale, Mo.
  4. Grimes, Iowa
  5. New Albany, Ohio
  6. Sherman, Ill.
  7. Montana City, Mont.
  8. Medina, Wash.
  9. Forest, Va.
  10. Sugarcreek, Ohio