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Whether you have an agent, or you want to self sale your Las Vegas property, there are a few things you are going to want to do to your home to make it look more appealing to your potential buyer. Of course you want all the repairs done, nice photos, and a professionally cleaned home. You might not think that a home warranty can spruce up the deal, but it does. Home warranties will most likely make your home sell faster, for more money. You might be thinking I am crazy at this point, but keep reading for more information on home warranties! First we will start off with how a home warranty will help you sell your home. It will start by giving the new home owner something to lean on. After purchasing and furnishing a home, most people do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a home warranty; they also might not have the money to spend on repairs the first couple years of living there. The warranty will give them a sort of relief knowing if something in the property is broken, that someone will be coming out and fixing it, with only having to pay the service fee. Make repairs very easy and stress free. Many studies show the properties with existing warranties will sell for average $2,300 more than homes without them. Not only are the prices usually higher, on average homes will sell 16% faster. That means home warranties are starting to make buyers at ease when purchasing their Las Vegas Home. Having a home warranty will attract first time home buyers. As a first time home buyer, you do not want think about spending thousands of dollars in repairs on your Las Vegas Home. Most first time home buyers are used to calling a landlord for repairs, not having to set up, pay, and make sure the repair runs smoothly. It will also put them at ease when it comes to dealing with Major repairs like AC issues, plumbing, and electrical issues. Not only will attract first time home buyers, it will also attract investors who do not have time to deal with major repairs. Home warranties give the market a competitive edge when it comes to similar homes on the market. Homes with warranties are simply more appealing to home buyers than homes that are not covered, especially knowing that appliances (if included) will be in good condition, all plumbing is kept up with, and electric repairs are also kept up with. Home warranties simply make the new home owner go into buying the home knowing the house has been kept up with, and should not be falling apart. As an agent a home warranty can also keep the liability off of you after the sell has been made. When comes to debating if you should or should not buy a home with a home warranty, there are so many more yes’ than nos. Attached is an article all about home warranties!!! Happy Reading!!!


Open house can be kind of scary as a new agent, or even to an experienced agent who does not do them often. Not knowing who is coming, and if anyone will come at all can be the scariest part, but I have 4 things to look out for when you are doing an open house. These will help you separate serious buyers vs people just looking at the home. When you do you open houses to the public, you will most of the time attract serious buyers who are on the fence of buying a new home, but also you will attract people who are not serious about buying a home and will most likely waste your time.  You will run into the DODGER. This will be the person who will not make much eye contact with you, and will try and look at the home by himself so you do not force a sale on him. This is the kind of person who will try and sneak out without a good bye, so that you do not get his contact information. Bottom line he wants to feel like he is making a decision on his own, and not being forced to make any decisions. You will want to give him some space and see if he lingers for a while. You will want to make your approach not too pushy, and ask him how this home compares to other homes he has seen, and let him feel like he is control of conversation without being cornered, and he will most likely open up! Next you will want to look out for the faker, this is the kind of person who will seem very interested in the property, and ask you multiple questions, but then you will realize they gave you fake contact information. The bottom line is he wants to work with an agent without you spamming his inbox or fill up his voicemail. When you are speaking with him as him more personal questions like what schools he wants to be zoned for, and certain neighborhood amenities. Now that you are offering him something valuable he will want your emails, not just your spam emails. Everyone knows there is nothing worse than a Negative Nancy.  This is the person that will not hide their feelings, and she will tell you everything she dislikes about the house in front of your other guest with no shame, giving them opinions that could change the mind of the people who actually like the home. The bottom line is she might not hate the home, but she wants her opinions to be heard and valued.  Try turning the conversations around, and ask her what she would like differently or ask her how she would like the home adjusted to her needs. Last but certainly not least, you have the The Looky Loo. This is the person who is going to look around at model homes, and will not even be on the market to buy. Her home no longer fits her needs, but she still refuses to sell. Start asking this person questions like how your open house compares to others, and how big her current home is, and why she is looking around. Give her inspiration to want to sell her home, instead of pushing her to buy when she is not ready. These are just a few people to look out for when you as an agent are doing open houses! Attached below is an article going into more depth about how to rock an open house! Happy reading!!


In the Las Vegas area, during summer, it is mostly over 100 degrees outside at all time. There is no escaping this summer heat, but we do have a couple of tips and tricks on how to make your Las Vegas home summer smart! Read along, and lets get out of our homes and make a change on these homes!!  Over the summer, on average 60 percent of home owners plan to make changes and upgrades to their homes during the summer months spending around $1.200. With the long sunny days, and no rain, the summer is ideal to have start working on those projects you have been putting off for 8 months. Yes, I know, we all do it! In this blog, we are going to discuss 15 smart summer improvements you can make to your home, that will not only make you feel accomplished, but bring more value to your home. Painting can be an awesome summer project for you and your family. Painting is ideal in the summer because the long summer days will help the paint dry much faster, and during the winter with little to no sun, it may take hour to days for the paint on the walls to fully dry. Just like paint, roof repairs are ideal in the summer because of the lack of rain we receive in the summer in Las Vegas. Keeping the roofs dry can help tremendously when trying to fix broken or missing tiles. Adding outside features like a pool, fire pit, or outdoor grill and kitchen, will actually get your family outside together and get them spending quality time. Do not forget a portable heater so you can enjoy the fresh air and family time in the cooler months as well. Adding a sky light or more windows to your Las Vegas home can bring more light and energy to your home, and make your days seem more cherry! Not only is the sun good for you, it also gives you lots of natural vitamins. In the summer heat in Las Vegas your thermostat gets put to work, when I saw work, I mean over worked, and if it out dated, it could possibly break on you. In Las Vegas in the summer, NO ONE, I mean no one wants their AC to go out this time of year, so make sure you are keeping your thermostats updated, and upgraded so that you never have to go one second without AC! Adding ceiling fans to your home can actually make your AC bill go down a little because as the fan is on circulating the air in the room, your air conditioner does not have to work as much or as hard, and it can also bring cooler air right when you turn it on, instead of having to wait for you ac to cool down the large areas of your home like your living room, or family room.  In the article attached below, there are many more tips and tricks on having a summer smart home in the blazing heat! Happy reading!!


Have you thought about purchasing a rental property in the Las Vegas area, but you are not sure how or where to start? One of the things you need to start thinking about is, is the property going to bring an income? Purchasing a home that will not only pay the mortgage, but also put a few bucks in your own bank account, that is how the home will be worth it. To put it simply, a great rental property is one that makes every one of your invested dollars work hard. You want every penny to work overtime, producing as much revenue as possible while simultaneously paying off any debt associated with the property. When you buy properties with this goal in mind, there is basically no limit how far you can grow the property. When you are first getting started investing, you are going to want to spend a lot of time looking for properties with that goal in mind. Do not just purchase the first house that fits your budget! When you do find a home that both you love and fits into your budget, you are going to want to contact the seller of the home. Generally, when you make an offer to the owner, you are going to want to start low, and negotiate higher, instead of the opposite. That will keep your seller at a lower price in mind. Once you agree on a deal, you most likely you will not have thousands of dollars in the bank (at least I do not), you will need to speak with a lender, who then will let you know if it is even possible for you to purchase a Las Vegas Home! Are the Rental Homes you purchase going to perfect? Most likely not. It is going to be a project for you to fix it up, and make it habitable for your future tenant; this also might require thousands of dollars, and a lot of time to get the home ready. We are not fortune tellers and we do not know the problem we are going to run into with the purchase of your new Las Vegas Home. Once you have gotten the home ready to be lived in, you will want to contact a Las Vegas Property Manager. This will take all of the stress off of you when trying to find a tenant, collecting rent, and dealing with repairs on the property. Do not forget about the extras when it comes to paying your mortgage, you might also need to pay for insurance, HOA fees, and utilities. When you are working out all of the number, make sure to include those fees when comparing your mortgage vs. the amount of rent per month you are going to receive. In the article attached below, it talks all about purchasing a rental, and you will find a more depth information how to go about the process, and the steps you need to take to get started. Happy Reading! 🙂


Have you and your tenants talked about a plan in case of an emergency in your Las Vegas Rental home. Most tenants, and most people in general panic in an emergency situation, not many people handle floods and fires with calm attitudes. When you work out an emergency plan with your tenants it helps them to stay calm and it also helps them to know what the steps are when handling emergency situations. Emergency procedures usually sound like a hoax until you actually need them! You can check in with your local government to see if there is any requirements or recommendations they have, but you can also come up with a guide line on your own as well. Be sure that your plan includes an escape route from the home in case of fire, or in case of flooding. You will not only want to have a plan in place you will want to test the plan multiple times to make sure it works every time, just because it works only once, you do not know if it is going to work again. Be sure that you familiarize yourself with things in the build that can help you in your case of emergency. Things like phones, fire extinguishers, and back up stairs, as the elevators most likely will not work if there is a flood/fire. After you have a plan, and an escape route, make sure to also familiarize your tenants with an emergency number list as well. Not only is the list be numbers for the emergency, make sure to also provide your tenant with an emergency number for you as well so you will know right away when something is happening at your home. Tenants usually think that an “emergency” is something like their dishwasher being broken. When you print out a guide line for your tenant on what is an emergency and what is simply a pesky repair, it helps limit your tenants on how much they contact you for an emergency. Things like, stove burners out, and a slow drain can wait till the morning, but plumbing failure, and lack of heat in the winter are things that can require immediate attention when it comes to emergencies. Also, make sure you are familiarizing your tenants on emergencies where they should be contacting the police first, such as burglary, vandalism, or a domestic dispute. For things like carbon monoxide leak, or fire, your tenant should contact the fire department immediately. The best planning in the world will not work with out practice, every few months you and your tenants should do a trial on what to do when an emergency happens, so when it does happen you and your tenant are completely prepared. The best thing to do in an emergency situation is try to stay as calm as possible, most people tend to freeze up and let their adrenaline take over. Knowing exactly what to do in an emergency situation will help you handle the situation properly and not make it worse! Attach below is an article that goes into depth on how your tenants should be handling an emergency situation! Happy Reading!


Have really looked into your lease before signing it? Or have you just skimmed over it like most people do! When searching for a property, most people feel the need to try and love the first property they see, instead of being patient and actually finding a property that fits both their needs and their budgets.  In the Las Vegas area, most properties do not last on the market for months, so you feel the pressure to want to rent within a couple of weeks, which also persuades you try and get the first home you kinda- so-so like! Taking your time when looking at rental properties do pay off in the end, because there is some red flags you want to look out for, and not just skip right over. Skipping over things that you think might be miner right now, could take weeks to months to repair once you live in the property! Finding these little things before you move in could say you a lot of headache, and property disaster! Five things you are going to want to keep an out for are, past infestations. Nothing can make someone want to leave their lease early like unwanted critters crawling around your home, and just because they are their when you move in does not mean that will not be coming when you are there. Snoop deep into corners and dark places where most bug usually hide, under cabinets, inside deep drawers, under the kitchen appliances and more. Not only are you going to want to look for bugs, look around for any leaks or potential leaks that might happen. This is one thing that is tough to get a land lord to take care of. Make sure you are scanning all roofs and even corners for welting, or water damage. Don’t forget to check anywhere, where water will run through, like kitchen cabinets, around the toilets, and near bathtubs! With water, you are going to want to look for past mold damage to the Las Vegas Home. It is one of the main causes for health conditions, it is hard to spot, but if it is in your Las Vegas home it could possible cause damage to not only the home but your health! Not only are you going to want to look out for mold, make sure your analyzing the smell as well, if it smells damp, or musty, there is probably going to be mold there soon enough. Before signing a new lease, you should also check and make sure the AC and HEATING are properly working. Nothing like moving into a home in the Las Vegas area, with no AC! Don’t forget to check the outlets while you are there, simple as plugging your phone charger into it making sure they are properly working! Those are just a few things you are going to want to do when you are looking for a property with Las Vegas Property Management! Listed below is a link that will take you an article that goes into depth about leasing! Happy Reading!