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Keeping your Las Vegas Home Safe

Kids of all ages are heading back to school all over the Las Vegas valley, and while most people are thinking about what school supplies to get, and about new clothes and shoes, it is very important to check the security on your home. Try and make home security at the top of your back to school to-do list this year. Making sure your home is secure is very important if you have small children that will be staying home alone after school until you are off work. Having children walk or ride the bus home, getting home to an empty home, and keeping it safe will not be very easy, but if you set some rules and guidelines, it will help keep your children safe this school year! If you don’t already, think about getting an alarm in your home. When the kids get home, they will have to punch in the code, and that can be one of the best ways to keep them safe! With certain home security systems, you can set up phone alerts, so anytime it goes off, or gets triggered, you will get a text that will help you respond fast to danger, and you will always know when the kids are home and safe. Make sure your kids know how to use, set, and turn off the alarm. Nothing will scare you more than the kids accidentally setting the alarm off and not knowing how to operate it, and you thinking something is wrong. Start teaching your kids it is not safe to open the door to ANYONE! Not even for deliveries of mail, neighbors, or friends. Also teaching your kids to respond through the door and making the visitors think they are not there alone will keep them safe! Start planning a safe route to and from school. Knowing around how long they are going to take to get there and back can help you make sure they are safe, you will want too avoiding open fields, vacant parking lots, and desolate areas. Encourage your kids to walk with the neighborhood kids to and from school, so they are never alone. Never forget to teach your kids NOT to go inside a home if there are signs of a break in. You never know who might still be in the home, or what might be on the other side of the cracked open door. Tell them to keep a look out for broken windows as well, and if they see them to contact you or a neighbor to make sure the home is secure before entering. Make up fun little games to help your kids memorize important numbers, and important addresses. Make an emergency plan for fire or flooding if you’re not going to be there to guide them, so they know how to get out of the home. Start establishing safety rules for your home. Something as simple as, no friends over without permission, not using the stove alone, and not being able to leave without permission. These are just some tips you can go over with your kids to try and keep them as safe as possible when they are home alone! Happy Reading!


When buying your first home, you will more likely than not have hidden costs on it, like agent fees, HOA fees, and other purchase costs. In this article I am going to give you, the buyer,  some ways to prepare for the hidden costs of your new Las Vegas home. When you are a first time home buyer, you might think you found the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood, but will not think about all underline costs of purchasing a home. These additional costs can sometimes catch you off guard, and flip you under the water when it comes to the cost of your new home. The very best way of dealing with all these additional costs, would be too prepare for them before they happen. For almost every home buyer, the actual spending price of the home does not stop with the purchase of your new Las Vegas home. You will more likely than not have Homeowner Insurance, and closing costs, like getting all the appraisals, and lender fees. Not only will closing costs come up, but also other costs, like replacing appliances if the house did not come with them. That will add up very quickly, that might seem cheap compared to the purchase of your home, but thousands of dollars on appliances adds up, especially when you just spent most of your cash on the down payment of the home. When you purchase your new Las Vegas home, it is highly recommended you hire an inspector who knows what they’re doing, so you can see what other manufacturing project you will have to pay for, like a leak in the bathtub, or a slight space in a window seal. These will also add up, and you will need to pay for them out of pocket. Paying for repairs on your Las Vegas home comes up very un-expected and you will have no choice but to do these repairs to keep the home habitable. Another thing most New Home Buyers do not think of is purchasing your own comfort, and by that I mean getting things that will make your house feel like a home. Painting the walls, or having cable seems like a luxury at this point with all the things you will have to soon be paying for, but if painting and television is a must for you and your family, then that will also have to be done. Planning ahead will be your best bet when you are purchasing a new home in Las Vegas, planning if you will want to re-furnish your home, with Wifi and cable, and also planning if you will need any home repairs will truly be in your best favor. Even just having the extra money when you first move in will keep the stress off of you when it comes down to having un-expecting repairs, or un-expecting closing costs. In the article attached below it goes more into detail about why you should start saving ahead for the purchase of your Las Vegas home!


Finding a rental home may seem like the hardest thing on the planet, especially if you are in a rush. You look for days and when you find one you truly love, it snatched right under you feet. In this very competitive market, I am going to give you a step by step guide on how find the perfect rental home for you and your family! If you are new to the rental market or just trying to relocate yourself, searching for your new home in the Las Vegas area can be very time-consuming. In past studies at least one third of Americans are renting homes across the Nation. Some are in their early adulthood, and others are complete families. The rental market is only getting more and more popular in today’s time.  The first thing you will need to do is determine what you and your partner can actually afford. Before you go on your Rental Home hunt, you will want to write down a budget chart with all your bills. Sometimes, we as humans will completely forget about small bills that eventually add up, but writing them down will help you determine how much le-way you have to spend on your rent. Next you will want to stair brainstorming and coming up with different features you would like the home to have, something-like a fire place, a back yard, or even a pool. These will be added to your nice-to-have check list that you can give to your agent in hopes to help you find your perfect rental. You will also want to start thinking about things you might have to give up in order to get your “wants” list. Like giving up a smaller living area to have a bigger bed room or vice-versa. Once you have thought about the costs and things you would like to have in your rental home, you will want to start mapping out your day. Where do you want to start, which area, and what size homes. You will want to cross reference the home in the area that are closer, or farther from your job, homes that are in better neighbor hoods, but are more money, and homes that will be in your budget, but not the exact location you would prefer to be in. Doing this will start making your looking a little easier, and will stop you from wasting your time on looking at home that are not in your budget, or not in the areas you want to be in. On Black and Cherry Real Estate website, you can locate homes all across the valley in all different price ranges.  After you have done that, you will want to think about your rental type. Do you like a condo vs. an apartment, or a 1 story home vs. a 2 story homes; thinking about these things before you actually go out and start will stop you from wasting time looking at homes that you cannot picture yourself living in!  After you have found your perfect rental home, you will want to apply as fast as you can, as you know homes on the rental market in Las Vegas come and go so quick! Do not wait if you love a home, because you will never see it again if it gets taken. Those are the five friendly steps I can give you when thinking about the rental market in Las Vegas. Attached below is more information on how-to find the perfect rental, Happy Reading!!


Keeping your house clean in this Las Vegas summer heat sounds like the worst idea you can think of. I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to keep your house clean this summer, without feeling like you are putting much work into it. Cleaning in this Las Vegas heat can make you feel like you are taking two steps back when you think you are actually taking one step forward. With kids and grandkids home from the summer, you house will be track with all kinds of different dirt and germs. Most times you think you would just rather sell the home than even start cleaning it. Start by giving your summer fun home some basic rules, such as, taking off shoes when inside, having fun races like “who can clean up the most toys in 1 minute”, and making them wash their hands and face when moving from outside to inside! Make cleaning your home a group effort, by making each kid clean up a different area of your home can make it seem like you have a lot less work to do! Starting with the simplest thing can actually make your home look ten times better. Simple things like having the beds made in the home, making sure all brushes, tooth brush, and tooth paste are back in the cabinet, and making sure PJs are in the hamper. Doing just those two simple things can make cleaning up the rest of the home a lot less over whelming. Everything in your Las Vegas home with seems a lot less hectic when you break it into smaller pieces. Start by making a list of things that are a priority, and things that are not. Just doing that can also free your mind and breaking everything down will make you feel like you have less work to do! Everyone has those couple of things that will get under their skin, and bother them more than other things… Some peoples are as simple as the bed being made, and other peoples are more complicated like sticky hand prints on the fridge in the kitchen. Either way when you write them down, it will make them seem less complicated and will compel you to do them more. Make it a priority that you want to have at least one of them done a day, and let the less significant ones wait for the next day! Get out of the house more! Simple things like getting out of the home more will give a lot more peace of mind. Take the kids to the park, or to the pool or even to a family member’s home so they can play with their family members. If you are unable to leave your home, do something as simple as having a picnic outside with the kids will give you fresh air to breathe again, and going outside can make you also feel more at ease! There are many things you and the kids can do this summer to keep your Las Vegas home clean, neat, and tidy. Attached is an article that gives you tons of other ways to get the family cleaning! Happy Reading!


Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Home Clean This Summer


Are you covered? Navigating you self through getting the correct insurance for your personal needs can be exhausting! Even property managers have trouble helping both their owners and tenant find that best insurance that is in their budget. Every state has different and unique requirements for their clients. How can you protect your owners and your tenants? I will go through with you a list of important things that you, your owner, and your tenant should all know when thinking about renters insurance! Read along.  Protecting your owner is the most important of the three. From previous statistics six in ten homes are not currently insured, placing no liability on your tenants in your Las Vegas home! All costs and damaged done on your uninsured home will most likely fall back on the owner. That could mean thousands of dollars for something simple as in an over flowing sink that has now damaged the cabinets and flooring in the kitchen. The first thing that will keep the owner not liable will be requiring all tenants to get renters insurance. Insurance can be all different prices and packages, so it is very important to discuss that when you are in a lease signing, so your tenants know exactly what will be going on when they get insurance. After you protect your owner, you will want to make sure your renters are protected as well. When you require insurance in a lease, the task of actually purchasing the insurance will fall back on the tenant. Tenants do not always rush to get their new rental insured, and this could lead on it falling back on you, as the property managers. Most tenants are in no rush because will all the other moving costs, find insurance is going to be the last on your list, and you could potentially loose a great renter because they are not willing to get insurance in the first month of moving in… You could make a clause in the lease saying within the first 3 months they must get insurance, and that will give the tenant a little more relief that they have time to look around for the best prices and will also do it at their own leisure with no pressure.  Renters are most of the time happy about getting insurance because it will not only insure their home while they are there, but will also insure their personal belongs that are in the Las Vegas Home will they are living there. Now that you have thought about protecting your owner and tenant, you will want to think about protecting yourself as the property management company. You will feel at relief when both your owners and tenants are covered in the home that you are currently managing. When your tenant is insured you can have a sense of relief knowing that the homes damages will not fall back on your and having a potential lawsuit. Adding other features like security systems and deadbolt locks to the home will also bring your tenant relief knowing that it is very hard to break into the home. I have attached an article that goes into depth about why both the owners and tenants should have insurance on their home in Las Vegas. Happy reading!!