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Everyone loves sparkling countertops, brand new hardwood flooring, and stainless steel kitchen appliances. When you are a seller trying to flip your purchased home, a good buyer’s rep should help their clients engage in some old fashioned sleuthing. Before the great Real Estate depression in 2008, house prices were way down, and people were buying more fixer-uppers than they could count. Buyers were getting contractors and even pulling out their handy DIY skills to fix up these homes, selling them, and reaping in the profits. We were entering the real estate phenomenon of flipping homes. The trend soon faded out, but now is coming back, but this time with professional investors who have access to purchase them homes in cash, and work with professional crews to fix these homes and sell them for a heafty profit! Your job as their realtor is to guide them through this rough terrain. The first thing you are going to want to do is look and see when the last time this home was sold, and if it less than a year ago, you will most likely want to have a more thorough walk through with a licensed inspector. Most problems start to arise after the first year, especially if the problems were recently fixed by DIYers instead of licensed contractors.  If you are planning to buy a home to flip, the first thing you as the buyer are going to want to see it yourself. Do not just buy a home from auction. Buying from an auction is an AS-IS home, and you might end up with thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs. You will want to do a walk through on the home, and see if there is any first hand red-flags that pops out! Next you will want to research the history of the home. See how many times it has been bought and sold in short amounts of times, and see if other investors have already flipped the home. Also, you as the buyer can request all the permits the flipper pulled to perform the work on the home, or if there was ever mold, you can also request the license from the inspector who took care of it. You can go as far as checking the Better Business Bureau to see if there were any complaints or lawsuits have been against the seller while in the home you are purchasing. Becoming a flipper you want to make as much money as you can in a very short period of time. Most flipping contains make the home more aesthetically pleasing to the buyers eyes. A lot of flippers focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms, replacing counter tops, cabinets, and appliances! That will truly make a difference when flipping your home in Las Vegas. A lot of people think that flipping homes is very easy, and that anyone can do it. That is not the case in Las Vegas. You will want to get professionals to help you and have the time and money to put into the home, to replace and fix anything going on in it. In the article attached, it goes more into detail about becoming the envious “HOME FLIPPER”! Happy reading!


Becoming energy efficient seems like a very simple task that can make you save tons of money! Making big changes to you homes like getting solar panels, buying a new AC unit, updating your appliance to make them energy efficient are good, but do not forget about all the small changes you can make to your home to have it running a lot more smoother, and a lot more cheaper! Do you have a spare day in your week or even a spare couple of hours? These projects we are going to go over can be completed quickly! The BEST part about all of these is that they are DIY and with the skill level regular home owner, they are affordable too! Start by programming your thermostat! Most homes come with a programmable thermostat, and if you do not have one, GO GET ONE! Setting your thermostat to be cooler or warmer while you are not home will make a big difference in how much energy you ac unit is using. Changing it one or two degrees will not make a big difference to you while you are not home, but it will make a big difference to your energy bill! After you have programmed your thermostat, look around your Las Vegas home for leaks. Even tiny leaks in a window seal can make a huge difference in the performance of your AC unit. Do not forget to check around the doors, and calking! Keep the insulation in your attic up-to-date! Replacing it every few years will really save you money by a long shot! It is very easy to replace yourself because most hardware stores carry it! It can be put in with common house hold tools as well making it extremely easy to replace! Repairing leaks in your duct system will also make a big difference! All you will need is duct tape, and a little bit of time to find holes on the ducts! ADDING CEILLING FANS!!! Nothing will bring your ac bill down quite like having a fan in the rooms in your home! Having a fan will circulate the air in your Las Vegas home, and will keep the still air moving around! Not to mention you can find very affordable ones at your local hardware store! Do not forget to change your air filters! Changing these once a month can truly change the performance of your AC unit. With clean filters, your ac will not have to work as hard to cool down your home, which will in fact make your energy bill go down. If you have a back yard at your home, plant a tree. What is better for the earth than planting a tree? Having a tree will shade your home, keeping it from getting extremely hot, which will also save you a lot of money! The tree will also lose its leaves in the fall and winter which will allow the sun it warm your home a little naturally while it is cold outside! Last but certainly not least, add curtains, or blinds to your home! Using these will block out a lot of the sunshine and keep it from heating up the inside of your home in the middle of summer. These are just some of the things that will help you save money and keep yourself living in an energy efficient home! Happy Reading!


Let’s face it; cleaning your house at anytime of the year can seem like a drag. Why not spice up your cleaning? Here are some of my favorite things to clean this time of year, things that most of us forget. Deep clean all your pots and pans. By putting them in hot soapy water in the BATH TUB, yes I said it, the bath tub. Let them all soak for a few hours. We all have those pans that we never reach for, and over time they will collect dust, and if you are anything like me, you will not rinse this pan, you will just use it as if it freshly cleaned! You might think that they counter top spray you have deep cleans your home. But no, you spray and it wipes it right off. Try making a specific bottle with distilled vinegar, douse your counters and tables with this, let it sit for 30 minutes, wipe away, and then spray with whatever counter spray you have, and wipe again. This will leave your counters as clean as possible, they might smell like vinegar, but the smell will only last a few hours. Cleaning your over may seem like the last thing on your list, or at least it’s the last thing on mine. Spray a mixture of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide all over your oven, let sit for an hour, and wipe away with a microfiber clothe and watch all the spills in your oven come up easy and seamlessly! To remove those stubborn finger prints from your stainless steel appliances mix an equal mixture of rubbing alcohol and water, spray onto dirty areas, and wipe away with a microfiber cloth. We all hate those large dark stains on the carpet. To get those right up you will want to spray the tops of them with white shaving cream, and then blot. For crusty, dirty stains, spray the shaving cream on to the spot, and scrap of gently with a credit card, and then clean up with cool water. When cleaning the ashes out of the fireplace, sprinkle the used, wet coffee grounds onto the bottom, scoop up the entire mess. This with help collect all the ashes on the bottom, the damp coffee grounds with mix with the ashes making it easier to pick up! To keep your decorative towels fluffy and nice while you are washing them, add ¼ cup of white vinegar to the final rinse cycle, and avoid using fabric softener while washing these towel, the softener builds up and makes them less absorbent. To clean those pesky shower door tracks that create mold, douse your towel in cleaner, and wrap around the tip of a screw driver, and slide back in forth, that will get into the tight spots you might not be able to reach! These are just a few on the list for cleaning your Las Vegas property during the fall! Hope they worked for you, like they worked for me.


Have you been looking for a rental property, but you cannot for the life of you seem to find something you both love, and can afford? When looking for rentals there are some key points you are going to want to look for! The first step is to simply know what you are looking for in a rental. Make a priority list, starting with how many bedrooms, bathrooms, back yard or no back yard, and fireplace. Will you need a community for family time that has a pool, or a club house! More than just writing a list down, I suggest you prioritizes it with your MUST HAVES and WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE. Sit down and really think about those two options. After you have made a list of all of your needs, you will want to set a budget. Not just what you can afford to get by, but renting a home that will let you have some extra cushion to fall back on! Most sources recommend that your rent is only about 30% of your monthly income after taxes are out. For example, if you get $3000 a month your rent should only be around $900 a month. While most people recommend that, what you set your budget to be, is truly up to you. After you have set your monthly budget, you will want to start searching on the right sites to avoid scams, like Hotpads, Zillow, and Trulia. All of these sites have very good search engines that allow you automatically put in your rent, room, and bathrooms, and location, this will take you to all the listings that fit your needs.  Once you have typed in all your information, you will want to recognize good listing vs bad listings. Solid listings will show you all the information like rental price, amenities, multiple pictures, the address, and the landlord’s contact information. The more extensive the listing is the easier it will be to find. Ultimately the quality of the listing is a direct reflection of the landlord or property manager. The more effort they take to list the property, the more effort they will put into the home while you as the tenant are living in the home. A high quality listing will outline the entire rental process. It will tell you if there are a rental application, application fee, background check, and all the deposits you will need for the home. Once you have found a rental home that fits your needs, you will want to reach out to the landlord. This is when you will really be able to tell if who you are working with is who you will want to rent from for a year. How to determine will be, how long they take to write back, how well she answers your questions, what the rental app requires, and how he or she manages the property. After you have reached out to the landlord, you will want to schedule an appointment to see the home. Make sure they are not rushing you through it, you will want to take you time and really make sure everything is how it looks in the pictures, and make sure you are asking questions as you go through the home so you are not blind sided with anything at the end of this process. Take your time and be patient, the perfect home will come along, don’t just settle for less than you truly love!