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With all the craziness that is going to erupt when the holidays start, the easiest one of them all is Halloween! As the school starts again, Halloween is a holiday that is not only exciting for the kids, but also for us adults! In the article I am going to tell you a couple of fun, but safe ways to keep the fun going without anyone getting hurt! In all seriousness renters in the Las Vegas area have one obligation on this fun night: making sure the path from the street to your door is safe for the trick-or-treaters! Take no risks; there will be no doubt a handful of giddy ghosts that will race up to your door as excited as ever! Be prepared! The day of, in the sunlight, inspect your side-walks, drive ways, lawns and porch and make sure there is nothing that can be tripped on, on the way up! Not only should you be looking for left over toys, and big rocks be sure to be looking for lifting concrete, broken walk way stones, and exposed tree roots. When you are cleaning up and making sure your house is a Halloween friendly home, try and make a specific path for kids to walk up, not just letting them walk up any part of your front yard.  Do not forget if you decorate for Halloween with lights, and light up pumpkins, and blow up mummies. When you are decorating with lights, make sure no cords are not exposed, and are not reachable by small children! After you have checked the entire walk ways, turn on the lights and get ready for all the kiddies. Houses with a lot of light and a lot of decorations will attract more trick-or-treaters! Make it fun, kids are so excited, they have been waiting to be that football player, or princess all year! Open the door with a happy face and make them feel like they are exactly what they dressed up to be!  When you are lighting up your home in Las Vegas, try to resist from using flammable décor. Whether a kid is just being a jerk, or it was an accident, a lot of decorations for Halloween are flammable, like hay, paper, and dried cornstalks. If you cannot resist using flammable decoration, try to keep them from candles or heat sources. If Jack-o’-lanterns or other luminaries figures into your celebrations, make them bright using LED lights, and not an open flame. Keeping not only your yard, home, and family safe will also keep other people families safe! Try and contain your pets! Chances are you have a very friendly pup, but some costumes are very convincing and can frighten your pooch! Locking your pets up, will keep them from trying to protect you when the zombies are coming down the road! A festive parade of goblins and ghouls, princesses and superheroes will soon be marching to your house. Do your part by clearing the path and lighting the way. Be safe out there, and have a Happy Halloween!


Everyone knows home maintenance is important. Not only does it keep your Las Vegas home running smoothly, but it also will extend the life of your home. Most people know it is important, but it is not easy to keep up on things that you do not think about everyday! I am going to give a couple maintenance hacks in each room in your home that will make keeping up with maintenance easy-peasy! Start with your most prized possession. YOUR BED!! Having something as simple as a water proof mattress cover will not only keep stains off your mattress, but will also stop critters that do not belong far far away! Another thing most people forget to do is to do is to DISINFECT their mattress. Lysol is a temporary disinfectant, but if you mix part water and part vodka (yes I said it, VODKA) and spray that all over your mattress, let it dry, and replace the sheets, it will truly kill 90% of the bacteria growing on your mattress! After you have disinfected your mattress, move onto the bathroom. Your bathroom is often the hardest thing to keep clean. You can easily remove water spots from chrome (like sink handles, bathtub, and shower handles) with a FRESH lemon. Just squeeze the lemon juice on it, and rinse with water! Your toilet is one of the most things in your bathroom! Applying car wax to the inside of your toilet can act as barrier and keep stains from sticking to the bowl of your toilet! Toss your shower curtain in the washer! The inside liner might seem impossible to clean; it always has water stains on it, and just looks yucky after a while! You can even throw some bleach in there! We have all spent hours scrubbing your shower head, but if you soak is in a bag with vinegar and water, it will come right off! That was only a few of the bathroom hacks, but let’s moves onto the KITCHEN! Cooking oils, dust, and just flat out dirt tends to build up the most in your kitchen! Fill a coffee cup with white vinegar and put into your microwave for three minutes, and that will break down the stains inside, and make them easy to just wipe right off! Keep ice from building up on the walls but spraying them with cooking spray, it was act as a natural repellent and will keep the walls clean! Having stainless-steel appliances look gorgeous, but they are almost impossible to keep smudge free. Wiping down the appliances with WD-40 can give you the perfect shine we all desire to have, with leaving it stain free!! Sharpen your garbage disposals blades shard but running ice and lemon peals in it, and it will also make it smell fresher! Now that we have talked about the inside, let’s move onto the outside!! Going out of town, or simply just forget to water your plants regularly? We have all been there! Empty and clean out a wine bottle, fill up with water, and stick it right into the dirty, it will water your plant without drowning it! Touching up exterior paint can truly make a difference on how the exterior of your home looks! These are just a few of the things you can do to spark the maintenance of your Las Vegas home! Please read the attached blog for a detailed list of every-room in house! Happy reading! J


80 Home Maintenance Hacks to Make Your Life Easier


If you are from Las Vegas, or have lived here for a long time, you know it is not often we get rain. Us Vegas folks spend way more time praying for rain than we do preparing for it. Because of this, when it rains, we usually find ourselves running around like wild animals, trying to get old towels to use on muddy feet, and wet paws. Rain in Las Vegas is just not something we think about in our everyday lives, so typically we are not ready when it comes. Most years we only have a few days when it rains, but if you are prepared for the rain, it will make your rainy day more fun, and stress-free. I am going to give you a few little tricks to prepare for those couple of days of rain! The first step in keeping the mud out of your home is to designate ONE door to come in and out of during the rainy days. That can be a garage door, side door, front door, or back door. Having just one of these doors, will keep mud from being tracked all over the entire house. After you designate the door, make sure you have the appropriate things to change into closest to that door so it is not tracked throughout your while. Keeping a change of socks, and Pj’s by the front door to change into right when the kiddies are done playing while prevent them from tracking mud from your front door all the way around the house to their room or shower. After they change you can carry their cloths to the sink/laundry room! Do not forget to keep a rug/mat at EVERY entrance of your Las Vegas home! Being able to wipe your feet will truly make a big difference when keeping the mud out of your house. Of course it will not just be any mat, it will need to be a scratchy mat, or bristly to trap and scrape off any access mud that your babies have now brought into the home! Making sure it is BIG is also a plus, it will be difficult to miss, and will catch things that might fall off of a smaller mat! Even getting more than one mat will do if you cannot find one big enough. After you have put mat-and-rugs down, teach your kids and pets to stop on the rug and stay there until you have time to take off muddy shoes, and wipe dirty paws off. Keeping a basket of towels next to your door can also make a huge difference when trying to keep the mud outside! In the Las Vegas area, rain is very unpredictable, so just having towels by the door just in case it does rain, it will keep your kiddies dry and warm! Last, but certainly not least, installing covers on your porches and patios also is a very good idea. A covered porch is the perfect place to take off muddy shoes and wet clothes before entering the home, it is also nice to have a porch when you want to stay dry, but also sit outside and watch the rain pour down! These are just a few of the things you can do to keep a mud free home! Check out the attached blog post for more handy tricks you can do when it is raining outside! Happy Reading!


New tenants should take into consideration if they want to live in a pet friendly home. It really comes down to if you are afraid of pet dander, or allergic to pets. No matter how many times the property is cleaned, they will be left over residue from previous tenants, and owners. If you are not willing to live in that environment, maybe a pet friendly home is not for you! If you have pets of your own, or love other people’s pets, a pet-friendly home is a great opportunity to make your whole family (pets included) feels welcome into your new rental! I am  going to list the pros and cons of living in a pet friendly home, so let’s start with some PROS! The number one pro is your pets are one hundred percent WELCOME in your Las Vegas Rental! If you have ever owned a pet, you know that a knock at the door or even the door bell ringing, and your dog is not running rampage barking at the door! Usually you would try and keep them as quiet as possible because you do not want to upset your neighbors, but in a pet friendly neighborhood, your neighbors have most likely been in the same position as you, and they do not mind your dog barking next door. Maybe you have a sneaky cat that likes to explore and check out the new place, you would hope the people who surround you would keep an eye out for them and make sure they are not in harms-way! Another PRO is pets bring a different level of security! When people are lurking where they should not be, your dogs will make noise by barking and running all over your home, usually scaring them away, and dogs are not afraid to protect their owners, no matter what the outcome might be! Living in a pet friendly community, it will be EASY for your little pooch to make some friends, and even you as a human can make some friends while setting up play dates with the other dogs in the community! But on the other hand, there is CONS while living in a pet friendly community! You do not know how your dog will interact with other animals. You may think you have the most well behaved dog in town, but you truly do not know how he or she will interact with another animal he has never played with before. Some pet owners are just not very responsible when it comes to having an animal. That can be another CON that you will want to think about before moving into a property. You might think it is your responsibility to take your dogs on walks daily, and to keep up with all shots and medications, but not every pet owner thinks that way. Another CON about living in an animal friendly community, you might think it is your DOG-MOM duty to clean up after your dogs waste, but some do not, and you cannot imagine how your neighbors without animals feel  when they are out and about and see other peoples animals business on the ground. All in all, your ability to be happy at a pet-friendly property depends on two things: your level of affection (or tolerance) for pets, and how effective your management company is at enforcing the rules. So before you sign a new lease, figure out where you stand when it comes to pets and have a good talk with your property manager regarding their policies on pets.