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When renting a home in the Las Vegas area, you will more than likely need a rental history form filled out from your previous landlord, and if you are anything like me, you might have been late on a few of your payments. Do not let this scare you, you will not be couch hopping, or staying with friends, I am going to give you a couple of tips on how to get a good rental form from your previous landlord! Your landlord might just give you a good review just to get rid of you as a current tenant… But if they are not willing to do that, here are a few tricks you can try to get a good rental form! Start by trying to explain yourself, most applications has a spot about previous rental history before they even reach out to your old landlord, if you have a legit reason on why you were late a couple of time, most landlords will work with you, for example you could say “I was late because I could not afford the rent, that is why I am applying for a cheaper home.” Something as little as that might make your new property manager be on your side when it comes to your new rental. If that does not work try offering to pay more of a deposit! You might not have entire years of rent in cash on the spot, but if you are willing to put 2-3 months of rent down, it might persuade the property manager/owner into renting from you despite the bad rental verification form! If you do not have that either maybe you can go for a home that is below your budget and offer to pay more a month, for example if the home is $750 a month, you can offer them $850 a month it might help the owner over look your previous rental history! Having a co-signer could also make the biggest difference when it comes to having a bad track record. Just knowing the owner has someone to fall back on if something were to happen, make them feel more at ease when renting from you! Start asking family members. Offer to have auto-pay! Having the owner know the rent will be coming out of your bank account every month, on the same day; auto deposited into their account can make them feel a lot better about knowing they will receive the rent! If all else fails, or are not working the way you planned, try moving to a less desirable neighborhood, or if it is possible an apartment to try and get good rental history started. There are many ways to get into a home if you do not have the best rental history, just do not give up, and try all of your options. You will get into a home, and even if it not your dream home, you have to start somewhere, and build up your rental history so eventually you will be in your dream rental with no problems!


Have you thought about getting roommates, but you are scared because you do not know who should pay what and how you should split the bills in your home? I am going to share a couple of tips that have really helped me and my roommates not only stay roommates, but also stay friends. Sharing a home with roommates can cause a lot of conflict within your friendship! But to keep peace, keep all the bills paid, and keep your friendship you will first and mostly want to keep communication. Communicating with your roommates about you want the bills to broken down and who is going to pay what from the very begging will help a lot. If you need a day or two to pay someone back, make sure you are letting your roommates know, so they do not think you are one not going to pay, or two that you forgot because these two things can truly cause tension in your home! After you have broken the bills down, you will want to buy all the furniture in your home SEPARATELY. This is because if anything happens at the end of your lease you do not want to be fighting over the furniture you all bought! It is easier to just buy the couch have it be known that it is yours so that if you ever need to move out, you do not have the awkward conversation about who gets the couch. Do not pay bills until you have money from every one of your roommates. This may seem like a silly concept, but when you are going to pay rent and you are spotting someone, eventually they will mentality that why pay on time to the head of house hold when they already paid.  It is best to have your roommates turn in their bill money at least 1 week before it is due, this will ensure that you have all the money in on time and that you will not have to ask for it and it be late when it is actually due. Try not to become passive aggressive when it comes to your roommates. Try and talk about things that are bothering you, because holding it in will only cause you to build up a tension against your roommates and then when you finally snap it will not only be for one reason, it will because of only one reason it will because of all the things that have built up! Easiest way to make a roommate living situation easy is to make sure everyone is on the same page with things. If you are looking for a roommate try finding someone that is on the same schedule as you, and has the same goals as you, moving in with someone who is on a completely different life style than you will cause a lot of tension. You will really want to think about pros and cons of having a roommate and if it is even worth it.


Have you thought about buying a property recently that has upgrades, or that you can easily upgrade on your own, but you do not know where to start when it comes to finding the perfect home for you and your family! I am going to give you a couple of things to look for when you are looking for an upgraded home! Start with the basics, an open floor plan can make your home INSTANTLY feel more upgraded, it gives you more space to have decorations and furniture! Not only in the inside for an open floor plan, look for something with a porch or a larger back yard that you can put outside furniture, just that will instantly make you feel like your home is more upgraded and more homey! If the home is not already, try and paint it a neutral color, like white, grey and tan! Painting it bold colors will restrict you from having any furniture and decoration you might be planning on putting in the home. Also bolder colors close in the home, and make it feel smaller, but with neutral color, it will brighten up your home and make it appear more open with more space, with very little work. Look for a home no dining rooms. I know that seems weird, but trust me, with your open floor plan, having an open dining room, will also open your home up! Having a dining room that is closed off from the rest of your home will make you feel like you are closed in when you and your family is eating!  Try looking for home with an all white kitchen! All white kitchens are all the hype these days, and finding a home that already has an all white home will really make you feel like you have an upgraded home! It may seem scary because all white can look dirty easily, but when it is clean, it looks amazing! Also having a larger garage will make your new home feel like it is upgraded! Having an oversized/3 car garage, not only will give you more room to park, but will also give you room to store things in your garage, and add shelving if that is something you are thinking about. Looking for a home with large closet really adds value to your new home! Who does not want a larger closet, am I right? Of course not every house is going to come with huge master room style closets, but if you look for something with closets a little bigger than your average closet, it could feel like you are living in an upgraded home! To top this list of easy repairs off, installing barn sliding doors inside you home can truly make you feel like you live in a 5 star home! You can put them in placed like, pantry, closet, and even from room to room! All of these things we listed are easy fixes if the homes you are looking for does not already come with it. They will truly vamp up your Las Vegas home!


These Days, investors are hitting every low marketing town across the country. Buying, fixing up, and renting out homes! If you are an investor and you are purchasing homes in a different state than you live in, you will find it kind of difficult to manage these properties on your own, especially if you have more than one investment property. You will want to hire a responsible Property Management company! Here at Black and Cherry Real Estate, we manage over a THOUSAND properties for owners who not only live in Las Vegas but who live all over the world. You will want to find a company who will not only collect rent, but also handle all repairs, and all problems the tenant might run into while living in your home! When you are looking for a property management company, you are going to start with the basics. Get Referrals. The best way to find a trust worthy company is to ask around and do your research. Speak with the agent who helped you buy your home, ask if they have heard of the company, and what other licensed agents are saying about the company. After you ask around, check into the companies commission, and talk to the Better Business Bureau to make sure the property management company is not only real and licensed, but also that they do not have any complaints or law suits pending against them. Once you have made a short list of companies you are interested in, start interviewing them. This is where “first impressions” are the most important. If possible, try and meet each company in person. Is the manager on time, educated on their business, and just all together put together? Think about if YOU would want to rent from the company you are signing with. Not only talk about business try and get to know them a little bit. Not get their whole life story, but ask about the business and how long they have been doing property management, and why they started it. You can usually tell by your gut feeling if someone is the real deal. Next you are going to want to find out how the company does their advertising and vacancies. Look at their website and find out the websites they post on. After you have found out all you want to know about renting the property out, you are going to read the contract MORE THAN once! High light the things you want to ask questions about, and try and negotiate everything you are not willing to do with your property. See if they are willing to work with you on the contract. If they are not, it is not the company you want to be in contract with. Look at things like how they handle move ins-outs, repairs, paying you as the owner, and how they handle deposits. Finding the right property manager is not an easy task, but going the extra mile to sign with someone who is going to help you as the owner will be worth it in the long run in not getting scammed.