When renting a home in the Las Vegas area, you will more than likely need a rental history form filled out from your previous landlord, and if you are anything like me, you might have been late on a few of your payments. Do not let this scare you, you will not be couch hopping, or staying with friends, I am going to give you a couple of tips on how to get a good rental form from your previous landlord! Your landlord might just give you a good review just to get rid of you as a current tenant… But if they are not willing to do that, here are a few tricks you can try to get a good rental form! Start by trying to explain yourself, most applications has a spot about previous rental history before they even reach out to your old landlord, if you have a legit reason on why you were late a couple of time, most landlords will work with you, for example you could say “I was late because I could not afford the rent, that is why I am applying for a cheaper home.” Something as little as that might make your new property manager be on your side when it comes to your new rental. If that does not work try offering to pay more of a deposit! You might not have entire years of rent in cash on the spot, but if you are willing to put 2-3 months of rent down, it might persuade the property manager/owner into renting from you despite the bad rental verification form! If you do not have that either maybe you can go for a home that is below your budget and offer to pay more a month, for example if the home is $750 a month, you can offer them $850 a month it might help the owner over look your previous rental history! Having a co-signer could also make the biggest difference when it comes to having a bad track record. Just knowing the owner has someone to fall back on if something were to happen, make them feel more at ease when renting from you! Start asking family members. Offer to have auto-pay! Having the owner know the rent will be coming out of your bank account every month, on the same day; auto deposited into their account can make them feel a lot better about knowing they will receive the rent! If all else fails, or are not working the way you planned, try moving to a less desirable neighborhood, or if it is possible an apartment to try and get good rental history started. There are many ways to get into a home if you do not have the best rental history, just do not give up, and try all of your options. You will get into a home, and even if it not your dream home, you have to start somewhere, and build up your rental history so eventually you will be in your dream rental with no problems!

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