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After your deal closes, how hard are you trying to keep in touch with past clients? Most agents do not speak another word to their client when the deal closes and that is losing them business in the long run. As an agent you may want to start reaching out to your clients, as nearly half of home buyers say they do not have a “go-to” real estate agent! Some surveys show that buyers spend very little to no time searching for a new agent once they are ready to buy another home, or sell their current home. They typically go with the first one they can find and do not research the agent to see if they can work on a deal together to make both of them happy. “Study shows a large percentage of the market is up for grabs, not only because many homeowners do not have a preferred agent, but also the fact that most homeowners aren’t doing heavy research before hiring one,” says Dan Stewart, CEO and co-founder of Happy Grasshopper”! With that being said, reaching out to your clients after your deal is closed will have them keeping you in mind for not only future personal real estate, but will also keep you in mind when they have friends and family who need an agent referred to them. According to past surveys found online, a lot of homeowners like to receive Real Estate updates such as new listings in their neighborhood or other neighborhoods they were looking at before they purchased the home they are currently living in, even if they are not in the market to buy. Sending them a simple text or email asking if they would like to receive updates will put you ahead of the game when it comes to Real Estate agents. Not only do they like to receive updates on listings, they also like to see home maintenance and updates on what other home owners are doing in the neighborhood; such as new landscaping! Only about 19% of home owners received information and updates from their real estate professional. Keeping in touch will not only build the relationship you have with your client but also build your business when they purchase another home or refer someone over to you. A couple of tips on how to keep in touch with your clients are sending an email asking how their new purchase is, sending them a fridge magnet with your information and yearly calendar on it, or even something as a simple follow up call saying you appreciate their business and hope to work with them in the future. Building a relationship with client will not always work though, you will have times when they are not very happy you reached out to them, but don’t let that discourage you, the next one you reach out to might have 3 referrals for you to reach out too. The market is very competitive these days, and keeping in touch with your clients will keep your booming, and keep it growing.


After all the holidays are over, people are un-boxing and getting rid of all the trash and putting it on the curb. What people are not realizing is that is screaming to thieves “Hey I just got a band new tv, come rob me!” If those owners are seller opening their doors to complete strangers, habits like that put them in great danger. In this blog, I am going to give you a couple of ways to keep burglars away from your listings and keep your seller safe! Maintain the outside of the home. I know this seems hard when it is cold outside, but if you keep an unkempt yard thieves will think you have abandoned the home, and it will make you an easier target. Get to know your neighbors. Most people just wave and smile at your neighbor but never get the chance to get to know them, and if you introduce them to your agent before you list the home, they will not be as alarmed when they see strangers coming and going from the house! Thank the power of lighting, keeping lights, or a tv on inside will keep criminals out of your Las Vegas home. A thief does not want to get caught and if you are keeping on the lights, they will think someone is awake in the home, and it will keep them out! But if you keep the lights inside on, do not keep your outside lights on all night; it might make them think you have left for a long period of time during the night. Yes, I know this sound redundant but KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED AT ALL TIMES! It is amazing how many people think they in a safe enough neighborhood that they do not need to lock the doors, but that cannot be further from the truth. People typically break into homes in nicer neighborhoods because they have valuables to steal. Invest in some sort of alarm! Thieves are usually in and out of the home in ten minutes, and they know police do not respond that fast, but getting a some sort of sounded alarm might scare them off the they break through a window or an unlocked door. Take in too consideration surveillance cameras and I know that seems a little pricey but if you catch something as simple as a license plate on camera, you can find the criminal that broke into your home. Go through your home, and mark all your valuables down. It can be as simple as writing everything you value on a sheet of notebook paper and storing it where no one can find it, and if in the event something did happen you can go through and see if what was taken. Most people do not realize what they are missing until you go to use it or wear it and it is gone. Take precautions when you have your home listed, and when you are letting complete strangers come look at every inch of your home.


Have you been renting for a while, and you want to upgrade into a better home but you do not know where to start looking? I am going to give you a couple of tips on how to make sure you secure a GREAT new rental. First and for most, start with what you are looking for in a new home. Knowing how many bed and bathrooms you require to live is a good place start, and then looks to see if you want a back yard or porch. Even if it things as little as you want a home that has no paint on the walls, or having the whole painted can make your search a lot easier. After you have wrote down what you are actually looking for in a home, set your budget accordingly. Do not start looking at home out of your price range that you would not be able to afford comfortably. Most places require you make about two times the monthly rent to qualify. Divide your pay in half, and start looking in that price range. You can look on multiple websites for properties in your price range and in your preferred neighborhood. After you have done a little research, set a plan to meet with a leasing agent to show you the properties. Here at Black and Cherry Real Estate, we have leasing agents that will show you, and help you apply for properties, free of cost to you as the renter. It makes looking for a rental simple and stress-free. Get out there and look at these properties, you never know if you will like the same house you loved online by just looking at the photographs. Once you go see the property ask as many questions as you can think of. You do not want to get stuck in a lease in home you do not like because you did not ask questions at the beginning. Ask if the owner is willing to paint, or replace carpet, or fix landscaping, and have the home deep cleaned. Ask about the deposits, how much they are and how they work. Next you will want to meet with the Property Manager/Landlord of the home. Pay attention to how fast they respond, how educated they answer your questions, and how they plan to manage the property! Ask them about the application and the lease process and see company’s rules and regulations and how things will work once you move into the home. Once you have ask the manager all those questions, and after you see how they are you will see if they are someone you want to rent from for a year or plus! When you are on your way to getting a new home, you will want to consider all of these tips. If you start to see red flags with the home before you move in, it might be time to look at a different property. Take your time, and do not rush into a home you are unsure about.


Following up with your home owner after the deal closes is very important! When you have a client, reaching out to them is very important because even though you are in contract with them, you might not be their go-to real estate agent. If you build a real relationship with them, they will think of you first when they are ready to purchase another home, or sell their current home. Not only will they think of you when they are ready to repurchase they will also send referrals to you. A lot of home buyers and sellers do not do a lot of research before finding their preferred agent, so when you have a client you will want to reach out to them as much as possible and always keep them updated with their property and other properties on the market, or in their neighborhood so when they need an agent you are the first person that comes to their minds. Doing little things to stay in your client’s mind, like sending them a yearly calendar, a fridge magnet, or even just a yearly post card will truly make a difference when they are ready to re-purchase a home. Thirty-six percent of homeowners say they find it beneficial to receive communication from a real estate professional, even if they aren’t in the market to buy or sell, according to the survey. They say they are particularly interested in receiving information such as listings and open houses in their neighborhoods. Forty percent say they would like to receive home maintenance tips and information on neighborhood events. But only 19 percent of homeowners say they actually receive such communication from their real estate professional. The study found that homeowners overwhelmingly prefer to receive information via email instead of text message, phone call, or social media communication. Keeping in touch with your client will not only raise your chances of having them re-purchase from you, but it will also have them refer people to you! Couples of ways you can stay in touch with your client are email, text, or even try calling them. According to recent surveys home owners truly appreciate when their Real Estate agent reaches out to them, not only for their business but too wish them Happy Holidays, or even receiving a little Happy birthday text can make all the difference. This suggests communication initiated by an agent might be enough to turn a lead into a sale, even if it takes years before the client is ready to buy or sell. Agents are missing opportunities to cultivate relationships with past and potential clients so when it is time to move, they know who to call. Typing a quick email takes less than a minute, but it will make all the difference when it comes to keeping in touch with your client. So get out there, reach out to your owners and try and get more business! Good luck, and happy reading!