After all the holidays are over, people are un-boxing and getting rid of all the trash and putting it on the curb. What people are not realizing is that is screaming to thieves “Hey I just got a band new tv, come rob me!” If those owners are seller opening their doors to complete strangers, habits like that put them in great danger. In this blog, I am going to give you a couple of ways to keep burglars away from your listings and keep your seller safe! Maintain the outside of the home. I know this seems hard when it is cold outside, but if you keep an unkempt yard thieves will think you have abandoned the home, and it will make you an easier target. Get to know your neighbors. Most people just wave and smile at your neighbor but never get the chance to get to know them, and if you introduce them to your agent before you list the home, they will not be as alarmed when they see strangers coming and going from the house! Thank the power of lighting, keeping lights, or a tv on inside will keep criminals out of your Las Vegas home. A thief does not want to get caught and if you are keeping on the lights, they will think someone is awake in the home, and it will keep them out! But if you keep the lights inside on, do not keep your outside lights on all night; it might make them think you have left for a long period of time during the night. Yes, I know this sound redundant but KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED AT ALL TIMES! It is amazing how many people think they in a safe enough neighborhood that they do not need to lock the doors, but that cannot be further from the truth. People typically break into homes in nicer neighborhoods because they have valuables to steal. Invest in some sort of alarm! Thieves are usually in and out of the home in ten minutes, and they know police do not respond that fast, but getting a some sort of sounded alarm might scare them off the they break through a window or an unlocked door. Take in too consideration surveillance cameras and I know that seems a little pricey but if you catch something as simple as a license plate on camera, you can find the criminal that broke into your home. Go through your home, and mark all your valuables down. It can be as simple as writing everything you value on a sheet of notebook paper and storing it where no one can find it, and if in the event something did happen you can go through and see if what was taken. Most people do not realize what they are missing until you go to use it or wear it and it is gone. Take precautions when you have your home listed, and when you are letting complete strangers come look at every inch of your home.