After your deal closes, how hard are you trying to keep in touch with past clients? Most agents do not speak another word to their client when the deal closes and that is losing them business in the long run. As an agent you may want to start reaching out to your clients, as nearly half of home buyers say they do not have a “go-to” real estate agent! Some surveys show that buyers spend very little to no time searching for a new agent once they are ready to buy another home, or sell their current home. They typically go with the first one they can find and do not research the agent to see if they can work on a deal together to make both of them happy. “Study shows a large percentage of the market is up for grabs, not only because many homeowners do not have a preferred agent, but also the fact that most homeowners aren’t doing heavy research before hiring one,” says Dan Stewart, CEO and co-founder of Happy Grasshopper”! With that being said, reaching out to your clients after your deal is closed will have them keeping you in mind for not only future personal real estate, but will also keep you in mind when they have friends and family who need an agent referred to them. According to past surveys found online, a lot of homeowners like to receive Real Estate updates such as new listings in their neighborhood or other neighborhoods they were looking at before they purchased the home they are currently living in, even if they are not in the market to buy. Sending them a simple text or email asking if they would like to receive updates will put you ahead of the game when it comes to Real Estate agents. Not only do they like to receive updates on listings, they also like to see home maintenance and updates on what other home owners are doing in the neighborhood; such as new landscaping! Only about 19% of home owners received information and updates from their real estate professional. Keeping in touch will not only build the relationship you have with your client but also build your business when they purchase another home or refer someone over to you. A couple of tips on how to keep in touch with your clients are sending an email asking how their new purchase is, sending them a fridge magnet with your information and yearly calendar on it, or even something as a simple follow up call saying you appreciate their business and hope to work with them in the future. Building a relationship with client will not always work though, you will have times when they are not very happy you reached out to them, but don’t let that discourage you, the next one you reach out to might have 3 referrals for you to reach out too. The market is very competitive these days, and keeping in touch with your clients will keep your booming, and keep it growing.