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Across the Las Vegas Valley, the spring is the busiest time to list your home for sale or rent; not only in the spring months, but when school gets out as well. People do not want to typically move when it is 50 degrees outside, so right when it starts to get warm out people will be on the hunt to find homes to rent and buy. I am going to give a few tricks to make your home stand out and to get the move activity on it. You sellers of all people will probably ask you the most questions in the process or listing the home. They will want to know exact what they are supposed to be doing to get their home ready, rather it be having the home empty and clean or staying in it to keep it staged for the next owner. You only get one first impression, so tell your clients to take the time to paint that room, replace that carpet, mulch that bed, or de-clutter that basement. The outside appeal is what is going to stand out the most, making sure the grass is cut, and all the weeds are gone is what is going to attract your buyers at the first glance. If a buyer pulls up and sees a messy front yard, it might turn them off to the entire house before they even get inside. Having a good front yard, will start them off already loving the house and will give a little room for dislikes inside the home! Pricing is also a very important factor when it comes to listing your home in the spring, having an over-priced homed might steer away your potential buyers. For a buyer, the best thing you can do is educate them on the spring market, and how fast house come on and off the market; if they love one they need to snatch it up as soon as possible because it might not be there the next day. Getting pre-approved for a loan is also fatal for your home buyer, because already having a number ready will keep you from looking at homes not in their price range and wasting not only your time, but your buyers time. Little things will matter when making an offer, like having a larger down payment, having fewer contingencies, and being flexible on settlement date. Find out as much as you can about the sellers. In some cases, buyers have “won” a home because they wrote a personal letter to the seller saying why they loved the house or how they could see starting a family there. The best thing you can do when you are representing either the buyer or the seller is have the most information you can. Educating both the seller and the buyer on what the spring market for the current year is crucial if you want the transactions to move quicker, and easier. Also, listings turn into buyer clients via sellers buying another home, open house leads, sign call leads, etc. There are plenty of buyers and lots of sellers out there, so go get ‘em!

How-To make your house a home!

Are you buying a new home for you and your family, and you do not how to make the house you purchased a HOME! Well, I am going to give a couple of improvements you make to your new home in hope it makes it feel more cozy, and comfortable. First, you are going to want to make sure you clean the home before you move in, that might seem silly, but you do not actually know who came into the property before you came in, and just getting a touch in cleaning before you start bringing furniture will really improve the way you first feel in your new home! Do not forget to get the carpets shampooed! Before you actually start moving your furniture in, think about what you would like to see in your home once all your furniture is there.  That might be something as simple as painting the wall, or maybe a little more complicated things, like redoing the flooring, or changing all the cabinets. Have your realtor set you up with a handyman that can give you some advice on how to improve the property, and help give you some ideas to improve your property! Try doing that before you have all your furniture in the home, so it will make things easier when you are moving, and you will not have a couch in your way while painting the living room. Once you have made all the improvements to the inside, start thinking about how you would like to set up your home. Start thinking about things like what furniture you will need to purchase, or new appliances you will want to have in the home.  Having a plan before you start bringing furniture into the home will really make the moving process we all dread, a breeze. Not only will you want to think about the couches and the giant entertainment center you will be bringing, think about the picture frames, and wall nic-naks that will also be brought to the new house. After you have thought about the inside, think about the outside. If you have a big back yard, what are you going to do back there? Think about a garden or a pool if your yard is big enough. If you have kids, you might want to think about making an area for the kids, getting a sandbox, or a trampoline to get them busy during the days will really improve your home, and make it feel more like a home! Moving right along to the front yard, something as simple as adding plant to your walk ways, or grass can really make your house feel like a home. Every day you will want to come to a house that you love looking at, we all do. If it looks blah out front, it will make you feel like the entire house is blah. Making your house a home will take time, it will not happen overnight, be patient and take your time.


Do you as an agent have the WOW factor when it comes to moving Real Estate? You may not think it is a big deal, but impressing your clients not only will ensure them to come to you with all of their Real Estate needs, but will also have them sending their friends and family to you as well! If you are anything like me, you probably do not even know how to get the wow factor, or what truly impresses your clients when it comes to their needs. I have done some research and I am going to let you in on what I have learn clients LOVE and what keeps them coming back! Start demonstrating passion in what you are doing rather that is listing their house for rent/sale or if it taking them to 15 for sale properties in hopes to finding the perfect one for them. When your client knows you are passionate about your job, will have them keep their trust with you! “Interesting people don’t just have interests; they have passions, and they devote themselves completely to them,” Bradberry writes in a blog posted on! Do not only demonstrate it thought. Become it, pretending you are passionate about something you are not will eventually show through.. Try becoming everything YOU would want in a real estate agent! Try starting new techniques. People will naturally radiate towards you when you have something new they have not seen nor tried. Venture out, and start reading more about Real Estate, and what is going on in the current market. I know no one likes to go back to school once they are done, but try taking a class on the current market, or maybe how the market is changing in the last year. Getting out of your same routine will also help you as the agent get new clients and keep the new clients. Embrace your quirks. Do not ever hide behind a person that is not YOU! People will be able to see that, being yourself even if that means you have to have 3 coffee’s before you show a single house (we have all been there). The more yourself you are with your clients the more they will trust you and the more they will like you in the long run! For example, billionaire Warren Buffett has never fit the high-rolling lifestyle and prefers to continue to live in a modest home he purchased in 1958 for $31,500, despite his wealth since. The more you act like who you are the more it will show while you are connecting with your clients. When you are pretending to be something you are not, you will feel uncomfortable and that will make the clients uncomfortable. Never forget to keep learning. About anything, not just real estate, keep learning about the environment, the economy, the world around you. The more you are educated, the more you can help when your clients do not know what their next move will be. Try keeping ahead of the game, and keeping your eye on the prize; Rome was not built in one day, and your business will not be either. Keep focused and humble; Happy Reading!