As spring approaches quickly in the Las Vegas area, the trees are changing leaves, the flowers are booming, and the grass is getting greener; sounds like it would be beautiful, but with that, you are going to want to maintain your yard while the market is booming and you want to list your home. When people think about yard clean up, they think they will be hundreds of dollars, but in this little blog I am going to give you a couple of tips to turn your yard from drab into fab with less than a couple hundred dollars on the entire landscaping; with a little elbow grease and a couple trips to your local hardware store you raise your Las Vegas homes curb appeal with less money. Having over grown grass is one of the biggest hassles to take care of, but the easiest one to fix, and yes I know no one wants to go stand outside in 90 degree weather; but just getting the grass mowed one time can really upgrade your property and make the front really stand out to future buyers. If you are looking for a landscaper and do not know one personally, you can use things like yelp, or group on and see if you can find a deal for a one time mow if you do not have a mower yourself. You would be surprised how many people are willing to stand outside your home and mow your lawn for you. After your lawn is mowed, try trimming the bushes, flowers, and trees yourself before hiring someone to come do it, it will be a pain but it will save you A LOT of money while you are trying to get your home ready to list; if that is not possible finding a landscaper in this day and age is not very difficult; and they can usually knock out the mowing and trimmings at one time, which will save you more money. Next try power washing your drive way, even if you do not think it looks dirty, cleaning it will make all the difference and your hard work will definitely be able to tell. Even just hosing it off if you do not have a power washer, you can just hose off your drive way washing away the dirt. When thinking about outside maintenance on a home, you typically do not think about the actual home being in that picture; but doing little thingsĀ  like re-painting the front door, and sweeping the porch can make all the difference when a buyer pull up to your property. With that being said, as a buyer those are also the things you will want to look for when you pull up to a home. If they cannot maintain their front landscaping, what makes you think they kept up with the inside of the home? All in all you can upgrade the front of you home with a couple of simple things, but doing those little things that might seem like the end of the world will really improve the outside of your Las Vegas home.