Do you as an agent feel like you could save your client’s way more money? Not only money on properties, but also save them on money monthly with their current lender. Most home buyers go with the first quote on their loan that they get, but if you have your buyers shop around for a lender who is going to give them the best monthly rate and the best interest rate, they will not only save money monthly, but will save money in the long run when the interest is racking up. Lenders can offer a wide dispersion of rates all depending on your monthly net worth and your credit score; but even though your credit score is not going to change if you talk to a different lender, they have ways to get your interest rate down, and get your qualified for more money. If your client does not have room to budge on their loan, try looking for homes that are already flipped and move in ready. Lately, flipping homes in Las Vegas have been the thing to do, almost every home on the market, has upgrades some as little as new landscaping, to as big as having the entire kitchen re-done. Depending on the neighborhood they are looking for and the amount of money they get approved for, the homes that have upgrades are a being “flipped” could potentially make the price on the home go up, but when they purchase it they will not have to put any more money into it.  Looking out for the best interest of your buyer will not only gain their trust, but will leave an imprint on them where they will want to refer you when friends and family are looking to buy or sell a home. When you are representing the seller, and you are looking for ways to save them money, look up the current or recently sold homes in the neighborhood and see what kind of upgrades are happening in the neighborhood. If all of the homes on the market have upgraded kitchens and your sellers does not, it will most likely sit on the market longer than the other ones, or will not sell in the same price range; unless you are selling it to someone who is going to flip the home! When you run into someone who is going to flip your home, they will more than likely try and purchase your Las Vegas home for less money; and a lot of the times they will be a cash buyer, so they will not need a loan on the property; so that is something to look out for if you are trying to sell your clients home with no upgrades in it; back to representing the buyer, when you are trying to save them the most money for them, look for the key points we hit earlier in the blog; things like, upgraded kitchens/bathrooms, looking around for a lender and not just going with the first quote you get, looking for a home that is cheaper but has the potential to have your own upgraded done to it to make your Las Vegas house start feeling like a HOME!