When you pass your Real Estate test, and become a new agent you see a heap of opportunities lying right in front of you, but sometimes you do not know where to begin. The excitement you are feeling could potentially be replaced with frustration and self doubt very quickly. Reality hits new agents very hard when they realize this business is not cookie cutter, and a lot of hard work has to go into building your business at the beginning. When you first start in Real Estate you will need to turn the role of an employee collecting a commission check in to an entrepreneur both mentally and financially. If you are always waiting on the next commission check, you will forget to build a relationship with your current client. When you build a relationship with your client it will help you a lot with future clients. Not only will they keep you in mind when they want to buy or sell, they will also recommend you to friends and family who are looking. When starting out in Real Estate, it highly recommended you go to small-business training seminar. Those seem silly, but when your pay is sporadic is very important you learn about money management. You might close three big deals in a month but then will not close one for 6 months, and when learning how to manage your money and business, it will help you stay afloat when no money is coming in. A lot of people when they first start out in Real Estate typically have another job, and try and do real estate on the side that will eventually frustrate not only you, but your client as well. Clients want someone who is willing to show them homes anytime of the day, and on any side of town, not being available to work around your clients schedule will push them to want to work with someone else. When you become an agent in the Las Vegas area it is very important that you choose the right brokerage for you and your future business plan. Starting out for the very first time in a very big office with no help from other agents can put you behind in learning how to do things they do not teach you in school, but going to a smaller business where the broker has time to sit with you and help you when you are having a problem can really help you when you are first starting out in this business.  Also when you are first starting out in real estate, it would be very smart of you to find someone who has experience and is willing to mentor you. They will teach you the in and outs of this business, and will help you in difficult situations. They may even give you some of their leads, and help you through them with just a referral fee. Starting out in Real Estate seems so easy, with easy fast money, but there is a lot of work that needs to go into your small business. Read about Real Estate and schedule an appointment with a broker and see if this job is right for you.