If you are an agent in the Las Vegas area, and you are not hiring a professional photographer there are some tips I can give you to make your listing look more appealing to the buyer’s eyes. In this blog we are not only going to talk about tips to make your listing stand out, we are going to talk about things to avoid when taking photos of your listing. First thing you are going to need to think about is the equipment you will need when photographing the home; recommended things are getting a tripod, and more than one lenses. When you bring a tripod you are ensuring that your photos will be at a good angle, and also your photos will not end up being blurry when balanced on a tripod. After you have your tripod think about what lenses you will want for the home, yes when you are photographing big rooms and closets you will want a wide lens, but if you want to photograph things like details on the stairwell you will want something a little more precise than a wide angle. Going to the home before the initial shoot will really give you a good idea on how you would like the photos to come out. After you think about all the ways you would like to photograph the home, sign a contract with your seller. This might be a no brainier for most people, but if you are naive like me, you will show up thinking the home is ready and what was supposed to be a 30 minute shoot will turn into a 4 hour process of cleaning, staging, and then photographing. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before you go to the home. Signing a contract with them will make sure both you and them are covered in this process. After the photo shoot, use regular editing. Yes, everyone wants their photos to look amazing and make the home look better, but over editing your photos can really turn your buyers off when they come to home and it is not at all how it looked in the photo. After you have done the shoot and edited, try and have a quick turnaround the faster the photos are taken and uploaded, the faster you can upload them to attract the buyers. When thinking about all the good things in photographing your own homes, you have to think of the negatives as well so you are not blindsided. Unless you have your own good lighting you will really need to plan out the time you are going to photograph the home so it is not too bright but also not dark. Nature lighting is the best lighting, but the weather does not always work out in your favor. When you are planning to photograph the home, really explain the importance of having it staged and cleaned to your seller so there is no confusion. Maybe even rearranging their furniture so that it makes the home more bright and open can really upgrade your photos. Starting to photograph you homes can be tricky at fight, but after you get all the equipment and editing soft wear the photo shoots will become a breeze.