Living in Las Vegas for the summer is not always ideal. With temperatures over 100 everyday it is hard to find things for your little ones to do during the day. Kids love the summer because that means no school (in most cases), but sometimes it gets way too hot for even them to enjoy playing outside!  When you are thinking of all the fun things you can do with the kids, start thinking INSIDE the box. You do not have to go to extremes this summer to have fun with kids. Start off with something simple like a slip and slide; it will burn a ton of their energy while keeping them cool in the water. If that is not something that would work for your family, try something a little selfish; have the kids wash the outside of the family car. Playing with soap and water outside with the family is so effortless but will satisfy not only the kids but you as well. The best part about washing the car is not that the car will be clean, but it is the fact you will be spending quality time with your little ones. Let’s stay outside; get a big bag of water balloons. You do not only have to have a water balloon fight, there are TONS of games on the internet that you can look up to have hour’s worth of fun outside with your kiddies. If you have smaller kids, get a pack of those colorful kitchen sponges that come in multiple packs; cut them in to strips, and tie them together, then soak them in water and they will turn into fun sponge ball! They soft, easy to grab, and they do not break like water balloons so they are safe for kids. Take the kids swimming, or to a splash pad; that way they can burn all their energy running around and playing in the water. Both of those are also really good for kids without siblings because they will not have to play alone; there is ALWAYS other kids playing at the pool and the splash pad just waiting for a new friend. How about a frozen drink to cool everyone down? All you will need for this is water, ice, Kool-Aid and a blender. Mixing all of that together to make the family a home-made slushy to enjoy while they are trying to beat the summer heat. Never underestimate the power of a well-place hose in your yard. Hanging a hose from a tree branch with a sprayer on and letting the kids run through it will kill two bird with one stone, not only will the kids enjoy a day in the hose, it will also water your thirsty grass on this very hot summer day. Finding water guns at places as cheap as the dollar store can really make your kids day; set up “safe zones”  where they can run to, and put out things like trash cans, cars, and having the kids hide behind trees for them to have a full day real life Modern War Far. There are multiple things you and the kids can do to be this summer heat; get out there and get wet!