With the heat that has come and taken over the Las Vegas area it is very important that you make sure you HVAC unit are well maintained from the winter. Most ac units decided to start having problems when you need them the most and this summer is no exception. With the heat being over a hundred most days now, I am going to give a couple of tips to ensure your unit stays working well this summer. Having a licensed HVAC tech come out and do an annual check up on your unit will do nothing but benefit you. They can spot a problem before it even starts and fix it before your entire unit crashes. When you call an AC man, please make sure they start by looking for refrigerant leaks.  You’ve likely heard of it referred to as “Freon” but this is a brand name for a specific type of refrigerant. Many people think that a system simply needs more “Freon” when it loses its charge, but the fact is that this does nothing to solve the problem. When refrigerant leaks, it means something is wrong. Since refrigerant is such an important part of an AC system, it is designed to stay within the system throughout its life; and leaky refrigerant lines require sealing. When refrigerant leaks, your home is not as cool, which is most noticeable in the hottest months. Technicians can check on your refrigerant line during a spring maintenance check so you can get those repairs ahead of time and save yourself the headache. Also make sure your vendor is cleaning out the condensate lines. This is one you will most likely want to avoid; having clogged lines can cause water to back up in your home which will cause bigger problems down the line. This is included in most annual checks, but make sure you are confirming with your vendor a head of time. During your annual check, make sure your vendor is changing your fan belt, even when it is not broken having it changed a head of time will save you the headache down the line of having no AC over a small part that could have been fixed for very little cost. After you have your vendor come out and check all of those small details on your HVAC unit make sure they are also checking the overall unit. Having them accidently over look things like replacing a system component can cause you a lot of expensive repairs down the line. It is always better to replace a couple hundred dollar part, then having to buy a brand new unit which will be thousands of dollars for the home owner. There is nothing wrong with getting an annual check on your unit and having no problems with it; but there is going to be problems down the road if you never get it checked and end up having the replace it. Also, do not forget to change your AC filters every month; having old dusty filters in your vents will cause the AC unit to over work which will also reduce the life of your AC.