Moving is such a fun thought; you get to re-decorate, maybe have new roommates, and even sometimes get new furniture. When people are moving they are more than likely moving because they want to. Maybe because you want to be closer to your job, or a certain school, or even just want to get away from the neighborhood you have been living in for ten years. The last thing people are thinking about when they go to move is the actual MOVING part. Yes it is fun to go house hunting, but when you find the house you love and you sign your lease and are all ready to move, how are you going to get all your stuff from one house to another? Most people laugh at the idea of getting a moving company because they have the thought that hiring one is too expensive. In reality, hiring a moving company is not nearly as expensive as it seems; in fact, if you compare your driving back and forth for 3 days and taking multiple trips in multiple cars, it really does equal out to be not only as much in gas, but also less of a headache. When you hire a moving company they will typically make your move smooth and trouble-free, plus if you are single and you do not have help; a moving company will take your furniture from one home and place INSIDE the next home, come on how easy does that sound? We are going to talk about a few reasons why hiring a moving company is smart; think about your time to start off with. You will have to pack all your belongings, load them into a car/truck, drive them all the way to your new address, unload them, and place them in the designated place. Keep in mind you will need someone (or several people) to help during this process. Moving requires you to put in so much effort that you may neglect other responsibilities, like switching over your gas, electric and internet accounts a few days before and taking a picture of your meters before you move. You don’t want to end up paying for the new tenants usage or get into your new home with no water or electricity. By hiring a moving company who is trained at handling the actual moving tasks like transportation logistics loading and unloading, you’re free to concentrate on the important tasks only you can handle. When moving on your own, you may have to rent a truck, purchase equipment to lift heavy objects, and hire help to pack and load your belongings. Ultimately, their combined costs may be more than what a moving company would charge you for the entire package. If you were to move yourself, it would probably take twice as long and could cost you more than what hiring a moving company would. Different moving companies have different rates and offer different services, so comparing moving companies, prices, and reviews could save you a lot of money. It is also important to verify that the moving company you plan to hire is licensed and insured so you’ll be covered in case something happens. When you put all of that into perspective, you can see that hiring a company truly is worth it in the end, even though it seems like a lot at first, it ends up being around the same cost, with ten times less of the head ache; but do not forget to do your research before you hire just any company off the internet.