Everyone who lives in a home wants to make it their own; even renters. Living in house with none of your personality will feel more like a prison not a home. When you are renting typically there are something you can do to spice up your house, but there is also something that will get your security deposit taken. First thing you should avoid without approval is painting your home. Yes, no one wants to live in a home with white walls, but painting crazy colors are a pain to cover up and will more than likely leave you being charged for them at the end of your lease term. Most property management companies will approve you as the tenant to paint the home with a neutral color; with that though, comes a professional painter and over priced paint. Easiest way around that is too find a home that is already painted, or if you are like me; get a home with white walls and decorate them with colorful d├ęcor. With that being said, you want to try and avoid putting a bunch of holes in the walls with tacks, nails, and large screws (like mounting a television). There are many options out there for a hole-free hang that you can use. Not only will hanging things in your home damage your walls, you as the renter will have to fill the holes and do touch up paint in the home which will cost a lot more than just getting wall putty for your portraits. The next one is hard to avoid, but try to if you can; do not hang curtains in your home. Just like hanging photos in your home, hanging curtains is almost worse because the nails are larger and they usually need to be anchored which causes a large hole in the wall. Try to avoid mounting your television. Getting a television stand, or some kind of dresser to avoid drilling large holes into the studs on your wall which are hard to patch; not only will that prevent holes in the walls, it will also prevent your flat screen from falling off the wall (which happens often if it is not put up correctly). Moving out side, avoid planting anything in your yard that is not in a pot you can take with you when you leave. Home owners who rent their houses try and have the home with at least upkeep as possible, and if you leave behind a garden or new bushes, the owner will have to keep up with them or will have to pay to have them removed. All of these of course are not a make or break when it comes to your deposit, but leaving the home in the exact condition it was given to you will give the owner no reason to take your deposit. If they have a reason, they by law can you take your deposit to put them home back into the condition it was in when you got it, and trust me; all owners want the home to be re-rentable, so try to make as least modifications as possible on your Las Vegas rental.