Have you ever thought about the fact that your website might be the reason some people are turned away quickly. There are a few things that really just irk future tenants, buyers, and sellers. The majority of consumers start their house search online. But could your website’s housing search functionality be turning off potential buyers? One thing that instantly turns clients away is having to many search bars, and tabs and things to click on to find a home. Making it completely simple could really change the cliental on your website. Having your website minimal will also help your clients. When your website has every ounce of information on it, and it a lot of photos and listings, it overwhelms the buyer. Most of the time, simple is more with Real Estate Websites. Do not get me wrong, having the important information is necessary like size, beds and baths, but having information like the room sizes, and what color the walls are painting can really overwhelm them. Asking your clients for too much too soon can also scare them away. Having them instantly sign up for updates, or accepting the location terms can scare them away, but having a section where they can search for rentals and listings all over the valley without hassle. Clients who are searching for homes and realtors on the internet typically do not want to do a question and answer because half of the time they are just checking on the market what is going on in their neighborhoods. According to 43% of adults who are searching for homes will not be ready to purchase a home for up to a year. Having a website where clients can go and just browse will keep them coming back in the future when they are ready to find a realtor and ready to purchase or sell their Las Vegas home. Also with keeping your website simple, keeping your marketing like post cards, flyers, and email blasts simple with keep your cliental intrigued. If a client gets an email that is as long as a short story regarding your homes, and prices they will more than likely delete it before it even gets read, but if it a bright flyer with photos and less writing that will make them want to reach out to you to ask you about the home. GET PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS FOR YOUR MARKETING; yes I said it. I know it seems like a waste of monies, and you seller does not want to pay for it, but 90% of Las Vegas Real Estate sells come from the internet first. If you have a listing where the photos are just blah it is going to make a future buyer click off of it faster than they clicked on it; but photos with bright lighting, and a staged home will really bring attention to your listings; same thing goes for your website. You will receive as much feedback as the work you put in. If you slump together a listing without care, you will more than likely not get positive feedback; but if you take your time and build a user friendly website and user friendly listings it will keep people coming back to your website for all their Real Estate needs.