When you are representing a seller in a transaction there are certain things that come up that are not only very awkward to talk about, but also are things that you wish your seller knew before they even decided to sell the home. More than likely their current furniture is not what we would call “show ready.” While it is probably how they like to decorate it could really turn off the buyers if that is not their particular, and can actually make the buyer not want the home. Cluttering furniture in the home is a real big turn off, it makes people feel cramped. You do not have to have to pay to have your home staged, but if you do not go by the less is more concepts your seller will really pay for the cost in the closing. Be aware if your seller is trying to hide things from you. If they are avoiding certain questions or inspections there is probably a reason behind it. Check and make sure the faucets aren’t leaky, and make sure there is no water damage on the home. Doing these things will really make a different in your sellers home value. When buyers and other agents find little things like that, they typically want to go after the seller to have them fixed; they also usually want to do a more in depth inspection on the home, so disclosing even the small things to them will really make a different in the transaction between the buyer and seller. Before you start the selling process with your client, disclose to them that not every upgrade with make their home value sky rocket. Doing things like upgraded the entire kitchen, or re-doing the back yard can make more people look at the home but there is no guarantee that it will make the value of the home go up; things that will make it go up are painting the walls, and replacing carpets (if damaged and stained). Get your sellers prepared to spend a few bucks on their home. There will be little repairs that come up, and upgrades you will want to do to your home to make it show ready, but if they are prepared they can do these things, take their time, and list it when they are all complete; instead of listing it and then doing the repairs while buyers and other agents are showing the home. If your seller is planning to sell the home while their furniture/they still live in it at least make sure the owner has the home professionally cleaned to make it feel more “move in” ready. The buyer is more than likely going to buy a home that is move in ready, so showing them a home that is messy with a whole bunch of repairs needed will really turn them off on your home. Having open and honest communication with your seller will be the only things that will make your sell go smoothly for both parties.