• With the holidays are approaching, most sellers are wondering if listing their home is worth it, or if it will just sit on the market, vacant, for months. Most sellers are thinking about the market back in the day when homes would sit on the market for months with no activity, but that is not necessarily how the Real Estate market in Las Vegas works. Before, potential home buyers were too busy with attending/hosting parties, cooking meals, buying presents or planning out future vacations with their families. With all of that going on during the holiday season, there was just no time for to look for a future home in Las Vegas. The past few years, that has been the complete opposite, with the internet, smart phones, Ipads, and all of the electronics we have access too,  that has made the home buying market year round. Today’s home buyers never stop looking online for home, they could be on their way to work, or watching TV with their family, and they will have some sort of electronic searching for homes. Even if they are not checking in their daily life, they will be checking a night before bed when it is quiet and they can focus. A hectic work life also takes a big role on future home buyers. Most serious home buyers are hard working, and put in a lot of time working; which makes it a little more difficult for them to spend an entire day looking for homes in the Las Vegas area. Despite the always-on real estate lifestyle, many sellers are convinced buyers cannot be bothered during the holiday seasons. Making not only the real estate market shortened, it also makes the competition lighter as well. If your home has been on the market for a few months, and you are getting little to no activity on it, maybe try lowering the price on it, most buyers will pass up your home if they think it is overpriced, no matter how beautiful you think your home is. Even if you need to list it a couple thousand dollars under market value to get it sold faster, that will really benefit both you as the seller and your buyer. Make sure you are aware that home typically does not sell in 24 hours during the holidays, if you are patient with your listing, your home will sell. If you as the seller of the home, do not want to constantly be badgered about your listing during the holidays, do not list your home. You will probably show your home to 15 people and only 1 of those people will be a serious buyer, and even they might not “love” your home. TRY LISTING YOUR HOME THROUGH AN AGENT, agents in the Las Vegas area have more resources than just a self list seller. It will also protect you and your home, when you list you home by yourself, you are trusting random people (who sometimes are not with a real estate agent) into your home.  Listing your home during the holidays is not like it used to be. List now and sell your home before the New Year.