Going into the New Year, it is important to know what to market is estimated to be; especially if you plan to buy or sell your home in the Las Vegas area this year. Most studies estimate that 2018 will be the best housing market Las Vegas has seen since the last housing crisis. New homes are being built all over the Las Vegas area, so not only are the Market/ Real Estate booming in the Las Vegas area, so is the job field. With all these homes being built, these giant corporations like KB and Toll brothers are looking for workers. Experts are saying this is the best the Las Vegas job and Real Estate have been in over 7 years.   Those stats were not only for new homes, or new builds. Those are also stats for home that are just on the market. Las Vegas has seen more investors pop-up to buy and flip homes in the past two years than they have seen in the past. Buying a new home/ flip home is perfect for those of you who do not have the time and money to buy a “fixer upper”. Purchasing a home in Las Vegas that has already been fixed with new cabinets and flooring will make your busy life easier. Not everyone has the monies and time to buy a home, and before moving into it completely rip out the old carpet and put new flooring. With people living in all different budgets, I know it is not possible for everyone out there to purchase a home that is already remodeled, so buying that home that is a little cheaper, with older cabinets and carpet might be the only way to go. When you are purchasing a new home or your first home, the first thing you are going to want to do is talk to a lender. Seeing how much you even qualify for before starting to look for home will really help you and your agent when you start looking. If you look before you get pre-approved you might be looking and falling in love with home that is 250k when you only qualify for 180k. That only wastes you and your agent’s time. Before you even start looking or talk to a lender, you should first start to save, the market here is so intense, and homes go on and off the market in the same 24 hours, so if you are not prepared before you put in an offer, and it could really hurt you in the long run. In 2018 studies show that the market is only going to go higher, and higher. It is not predicted to slow down anytime soon, so if you are looking to sell your Las Vegas home now is the time.. Homes in Las Vegas are WAY over market prices, and sellers are getting well over what they paid for the home, so even making a profit on 100k after closing costs. So get out there, talk to a lender, save some monies, and purchase a home in the Las Vegas valley in 2018!