The New Year is here, and there is no doubt you have already started thinking about your company goals for 2018. But are they SMART goals (S-specific; M-measurable; A-achievable; R-realistic; T-timely)? There are a couple of things to think of when you start writing, and plotting your 2018 goals. Before anything can change for your business, you must first change from the inside out. Start praising your team members. Everyone thrives on praise; praise encourages, motivates, and inspires people to work not only hard for themselves but hard for you as the business owner. Praising effort creates a work environment that values growth and improvement; as the business owner you should strive to create a culture where agents think anything is possible. As the broker of a Real Estate company in Las Vegas you should try to remain calm- you’re the leader. The mood you set right when you walk in the door is the mood your team will have for the rest of the day. Coming in positive, encouraging, and calm with also make your team want to have those same moods. Do not check your email first thing in the morning, as the broker and business owner, if there is an emergency more than likely you will not find out about it through your email, so instead of using your most productive hours of the day checking an email, use it to set new goals, get new deals, or to set new goals for your team. Changing your environment by changing your behavior; for example, start working from home for the first hour of the day so you can get work done with no distractions. With changing your environment, making a consistent routine will truly change how your business is run. Committing to being in the office for agents two times a week for questions, or making sure your agents know they can reach you on your cell at any given time, will make your office run more smoothly. If agents think they cannot get a hold of you, they will start guessing if they have questions instead of coming to you and then it could potentially bite you at the end. Not only setting the tone for the office set a tone for yourself; make the 8-2 rule (or whatever works better for you) of the things you do every day, so that you know every day during those times you have a block where you can get the required things done. Making your goal sheet the night before, while relaxing really can change how the following day is going to go. In the morning when you are scatter brained it is hard to remember everything you have to get done, but if you are doing it in a relaxed state of mind with pen and paper. Even if personal things are on your check list, it will help you get them done so when you wake up the next morning you remember everything you need to get done, and nothing is missing. Keeping a positive and easy going work flow is as easy as you make it.