Moving to Las Vegas in 2018? You have either just landed a new job, or you have decided to be bold and move away from everything you have ever known to start a new life in the City that never sleep. Either way, you will more than likely need to find a place to move to before the actual move. Living in hotels seems like to cool thing to do, but unlike movies; the hotel expenses will add up, and at the end of the month you will be spending more on hotel fare than you would on rent. No everyone has the time to come to Vegas to go house hunting before they move, so finding an agent you trust in Las Vegas is your best bet. Do your homework; locals can check out homes and know the areas they want to live in before they even move, but if you have only ever been to Las Vegas to visit finding your ideal location might be a little hard. Rather you want to live near the strip, or on the complete opposite of town, that is something you should consider before moving here. Start reading Real Estate blogs, and looking at listings. More than likely, you will find a blog on the area you want to live in, read about the crime level in certain areas, and think about what kind of job you are going to have. If you are retiring here, it is not necessary that you live close to the strip; you might want to look into Summerlin homes, or if you are a lake girl, look into moving to boulder city. Use technology to your advantage; most people have a smart phone in their pocket at all times; use that to your advantage. Find an agent in the Las Vegas area who can facetime you, or send you photos of the actual condition of the home, not just the professional photos they put online to impress people. Real Estate agents and/or property managers in Las Vegas also do video tours; which is kind of like a facetime if you will, where they show you every knock and cranny and send to you in an email so you can see actually video footage of the property you are interest in. Rental fraud in Las Vegas is at an all-time high, people are creating fake postings and collecting monies from people and then turning their phones off and never been heard from again. Having an agent that will go look at a home for you, an verify it is an actual listing will prevent you from being scammed; but do not be too trusting, there are also fake agents out there, do you research. More than likely your agent will be registered on, or call the office they claim to work at and confirm they do in fact work there. Your best bet at finding an agent that is not a fraud is going through an actual office. Here at Black and Cherry Real Estate we offer a FREE leasing team, just calling our office and asking for an agent will ensure the fact that you are dealing with a licensed agent. Don’t trust everything you see on the internet, and get a second confirmation before you just trust what you found online.